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Orange County Bail Bonds – Discussion about Bail Bond Agent and Related Services

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Bails! What are they? Bails are surety in terms of money, property for the appearance of persons accused in court. Bails are usually given to entities accused of crime or under trial prisoners. Bail bonds vary with the gravity of crime. If the crime is of serious type then observations suggest that bail bonds become hefty. In this context, the role of the bail bondsman becomes important. What is a bail bondsman? The bail bondsman or the bail bond agent is an entity (it can be a person, agency or a corporation) which acts as a surety and pledge money or property as bail bond for the appearance of persons accused by the court.

Working of a Bail Bond

A person accused by the court is expected to furnish a bail bond in cash. The surety deposit is held by the court until a case concludes. The amount is refunded to the person who has posted it. If the defendant posts cash bond from his or her own pocket then once a case is concluded the cash bond amount is returned to the defendant after making deductions in costs and fines. As already discussed that bail bond amount can vary and if often depends on the type of case built against the accused, the quantum of punishment, the gravity of crime committed by the accused. It can vary from $ 700 to $50000 or even more than that. In the event when bail bonds are of high denomination accused persons prefer to avail bail bond money from the bail bond agents.

How much do you pay the bail bond agent for a $ 50000 bail?

If you visit a bail bond agent then you are required to give that person fees for availing bail bond money. Those entities, men or women who have their special ones locked up in a jail cell can avail bail bond money from the bail bondsman at a rate of 10% premium. If the bail bond amount is $ 50000 then that person demands $ 5000 as premium amount from the entities who approached the bail bond agent.

Can You Avail the Bail Bond Amount after a Case is over?

If you are furnishing a bail bond amount in cash to a court, implying that you paid the amount in full then you can get the bail bond amount after the completion of the case and if you have made appearances in the court. If the person accused by the court does not make any court appearances then that amount of money is forfeited.

Can you set yourself Free if Arrested?

If you are arrested then you should be in a position to pay the bail amount. You require being financially sound to pay off your bail amount. If you are not in a position to pay the cash bail bond then you can turn to the bail bond agent. If you seek bail bond amount from a bail bond agent then that entity usually charge a 10% to 15% premium on the bail bond amount. If you fail to appear in court whenever required then the bail bond agent pays the surety amount on your behalf.

Bail Bondsman, Bail Bond Agent and Bail Bond Services

If you are in the USA then there are many bail bonds service there. The bail bonds service maintain their individual web portals where they highlight the services they offer to the customers. As an instance the Orange County bail bonds, in its website highlight the business contact information so that interested parties can approach the business and avail the bail bond amount at low prices. Visit the web portal and you can take a look at the Orange County Jails, you can search for a jail inmate by entering their names, phone number, email and the jail facility name or address. You can get intriguing news on bail bonds. You can check the bail bond services available on the website.

Some of the bail bond services offered by the Orange County Bail Bonds are mentioned as follows:-

  • Bail bonds for offences that are related to drug.
  • Bail bonds for DUI offenses (DUI or Driving under Influence).
  • Bail bonds for domestic violence charges
  • Bail bonds for different felonies, misdemeanors
  • Bail bonds for different Jails and courts in the USA

The different bail bond services of Orange County Bail Bonds are available on a round the clock basis.

The role of the bail bondsman becomes significant if the accused person is not in a position to pay the bond amount. The bail bondsman pays the security deposit on behalf of the person accused by the court. Bail bondsman or bail bond agent is mainly found in the United States.  Such entities are also found in Philippines which remained the commonwealth of the USA. In other countries such practice of bounty hunting is regarded illegal.