July 19, 2024

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People do different things every day, draw up different deals. And life itself is often unpredictable and anyone can face unexpected situations when professional legal assistance is required. And if the professional activity of a person is associated with permanent risks, then in this case it will be optimal and reasonable to insure by ordering the services of a personal Defense Lawyer.

A person who is unable to obtain prompt and timely legal assistance can make serious mistakes that will adversely affect his future and which will later be very difficult to fix.

Why it is profitable to order a contract for subscription services

The conclusion of a subscription service contract guarantees the client a full range of legal services and the provision of qualified legal assistance to solve difficult situations. A personal lawyer does not need much time to thoroughly understand what is happening, because this person is always aware of the situation of the subscriber. In this case, the information received from the client is never disclosed to third parties.

After the conclusion of the contract, the lawyer has the right to represent the interests of the client in the courts, various government agencies, law enforcement agencies, institutions of all forms of ownership, to interact on behalf of the principal with individuals.

When a personal lawyer is needed

There are situations when the participation of a personal lawyer is extremely necessary. These include:

  • Preparation and conclusion of purchase / sale agreements, especially when it comes to the transfer of large sums related to the purchase (sale) of property
  • Signing of contracts for loans (loans)
  • Registration of insurance contracts
  • Managing inheritance and inheritance matters
  • Entering into marriage contracts

The signing of the contract is made on an individual basis, taking into account the wishes of the subscriber.

What services are provided?

The execution of the “Personal Advocate” agreement provides for guaranteed receipt by the subscriber of the following services:

    • Advising on legal issues in unlimited quantities during a personal meeting and by phone, visit of a specialist in an emergency situation
    • Departure of a lawyer when a subscriber is detained by law enforcement officers
    • Telephone counseling on personal security and behavioral and emergency situations


  • Fulfillment of other orders by personal agreement with the subscriber


Conclusion: Take this seriously

By entering into an agreement on the provision of the Personal Attorney service, you will feel strong legal support that ensures you legal security. The cost of legal support of a personal lawyer is significantly less than the amount that must be paid for one-time consultations. In addition to serious savings on legal services, you will have an indispensable assistant at your disposal to solve many legal issues that inevitably arise in the course of life and work.