February 25, 2024

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These days, digitalization is on trend and people are using laptop or computer for their every kind of task. User does not need to go to shopping mall for shopping. There are number of e commerce websites on the internet from where you can do shopping without any problem. You are also doing online banking transactions and save another data in your laptop. This data will be important for you and there may be point that when you will have to use this data. So, save your all data at safe and secure place. There are many reasons that your data will become in corrupt format and you are not able to access your data. Some common reasons of data corruption occur due to writing, storage, reading, transmission from one system to another. Every user must have to be careful when they are using laptop for any kind of task.

Suppose, due to sudden power loss, your document file has been corrupted. You want to know the information which is saving in that document file. When you click on that document file, an error message will be displayed on your screen and file will not open. This is critical situation for you because you are not able to check data. There are some of the strategies that will prevent data from corruption.

Strategies for prevention of data corruption are given below; just take a look on such strategies:

  • Take complete backup of all stored data in your laptop and use it whenever required
  • Install one of best antivirus software in your laptop and update it when new version is available
  • Use security mechanisms such as passwords, encryption
  • Troubleshoot all system application problems in the initial stage

Now, the question is that what you will do to get back your data. Solution of this question is data rescue software. Software companies have launched number of software in the market with latest and advanced technologies. One of that software is data rescue software that will scan your complete laptop to find out data in correct format. Software companies have launched such software in both free and paid version. In free version of rescue software, user will get 30 days free trial. It is up to user’s wish that for how much duration they want data rescue software. There are number of paid versions for different duration such as for one year, two year or more years. As per duration of the license, user will have to money. In the professionally based licensed software, there are number of advanced facilities which are not available in free version. Rescue software will recover lost data from all types of operating system such as MAC. Professionally based qualities of paid version of data rescue software are:

  • Advanced search
  • Supports HFS and NTFS file system
  • Secure erase tool
  • Unlimited drive recoveries
  • Email notifications
  • Add known custom file type patterns
  • RAID recovery
  • Professional user interface