June 23, 2024

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The career that has gone through significant change is none other than law. Being a lawyer was not a tough job earlier but things have changed markedly. Just taking a degree in law won’t give you enough because of the notable competition where every second lawyer is fighting for a significant place. In law sector there are only two achievement standards present: winner or loser. Either you win it or lose it, there is no in between place in this professional service.

Where you will locate yourself completely depends on how you pursue your field.

Are you satisfied being a lawyer? Do you have an urge to be a solicitor? Or are you looking for something that can push your career?

Be it any question, answer will be the same i.e. QLTS exam.

QLTS stands for Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme. This exam is of course an alternate way that gives opportunity to the worldwide lawyers to become a solicitor of England and Wales. It is just a myth that becoming a UK Solicitor is a strenuous job. QLTS is a way that smoothen the journey from a lawyer to a solicitor.

QLTS is an exam which comprises of two assessments:

  1. MCT i.e. Multiple Choice Test: This assessment tests how efficiently the applicant is able to apply fundamental legal principles.
  2. OSCE i.e. Objective Structured Clinical Examination: This assessment tests five major legal skills on solicitor’s practice conditions.

The advantage of QLTS assessment is that there is no age bar. So, you can start preparing for this exam at any age if you hold requisites.

How to prepare for QLTS exam?

You can get quality study material in market. The problem with study materials is that they won’t lead you with proper guidance. In this journey QLTS online courses by QLTSOSCE.co.uk training provider are better options to go with. They divide the complete training into stages to make it easier for the students to learn and practice.

To become smart enough to clear the exam you need such courses that can give you desirable training and other helpful tips.