March 4, 2024

Study burnout is one complaint that is heard often during LSAT Prep. No doubt, few things can get monotonous and repetitive like logic games diagramming, dry passage (reading) review, logical fallacy identification.

There is no magical shortcut of acing LSAT Prep questions. In order to change study routine, one can look for ways to practice and exercise similar brain teasers.

Note: The following tips are not supposed to replace your practice for LSAT Prep. But, it can be an addition to your formal LSAT Prep studies along with a playful pastime in your daily routine. Consider these points as a cross-training.

ReadingEditor’s Page/ Column

LSAT comprehension passages are mostly extracts of educational writing. The editor’s paragraph of your most-liked magazine or newspaper is same in many important ways.

As a small notion, extent of editor’s page helps in making good LSAT Prep for reading. The tone required for brain, academic listeners is condensed thoroughly which needs thoughtful readership. The aim of putting forward and defending a stance is similar to type of content which is thesis-driven that is available on LSAT.

To inculcate this in your LSAT Prep, go through it in a quick and active manner. Remember that comprehension section of LSAT reading is collection of various objects.

  • Try reading an article very quickly to get idea of content and then see list of doubts that are required to be found. Then re-read the passage, take due time for searching carefully to confirm that right information of “treasure” has been located for every “clue”.
  • Try actively gliding editorial paragraph. Attention must be given beyond content but ensure that details remain the same. Rather, look for major ideas which will assist in your orientation.
  • Observe the column’s intention and the way author has expressed his argument. Look for the structure. What main theme can be located in each passage or paragraph? How the plans are evolved conceptually? What main evidence favors claims of author? 
  • It is not expected from you to remember particular details of comprehension section. But it helps in remembering and finding particular details when the passage is read again. One of ways to enhance this art is to know that there are different forms of essays. There is need for practicing to identify article’s structure which makes readingpleasurable.
  • Other way of making editorial passage a game is to sail over passage by completely reading it. Note down key words that paragraph describes. Then write down in one sentence to describe what comes to your mind that is the main thought of editor. Read the page again to ascertain how much you had remembered.

If you develop a habit to understand the structure of what you are reading, you can locate right options in LSAT passage.

Practice by doing brain teasers

KenKen and sudoku can be absolutely addictive. Getting busy with LSAT Prep? Not very much.

Mostly, people try these puzzles to enjoy but these brainteasers are also helpful to enhance logical skills which is a must for LSAT Prep. This is because mind games like sudoku are based on systematic presentation of information. You are required to deduce logically and take steps sequentially that are logical.Same skills are needed to tackle games involving logic. Whether drawing diagram in games having sequence, having groups, or games where you need match or hybrid, one needs to have symbolic comfortability while presenting data and also when information is being analyzed methodically.

Contrary to reading comprehension and also logical reasoning, our tendency is to use less ability in our daily lives than what is needed in logical games. Therefore, move ahead and get involved in these games.

Follow politics

Law and politics have inextricable linkage. Knowledge about current political scenario helps you in navigating your experience about law school, because regulations and implementation are implemented by policy.

Still, it helps you in LSAT when you follow politics. While undergoing LSAT, you will come across large number of statements in political scenario that are likely to contain large number of logical mistakes.

Irrespective of Political fundraising alliance, politicians all over are responsible for putting to use curricular reasoning, distorted comparisons, ambiguity, hominem assaults and so on. It is difficult to avoid such fallacies when making passionate arguments where risks are high and there is limited time for elaborations and clarifications.

While listening to pundits, followers of groups with special interests or any other person who is making efforts to prove his authority to the public, question yourself: whether I am satisfied? If not then why? How the problem can be described with reasoning?

For an additional advantage, list out common logical mistakes that you come across while practicing LSAT. See number of mistakes you can point out, in politically persuasive speeches around you. The quality of identifying logical mistakes in speech is the skill on LSAT that is most directly linked to legal practice.