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SEO for Websites of Attorneys

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If you are an attorney and you have a website, you need to do what all websites need to do and that is SEO or search engine optimization. This is the only way that your website will have high placement on search results with the major search engines. You are not going to get many clients if they don’t know about you or where you are located. This is the way that any website gets more leads and clients from people looking for your type of service. 

Special niche

SEO for attorneys is a special niche needing search engine optimization – believe it or not, this niche is a highly competitive one. Another interesting fact is that your average attorney will have a larger marketing budget than most other small business owners and this has made marketing for this niche a highly competitive one in the SEO marketplace. This is especially true of attorneys with a specialty in criminal law or personal injury. This means that you need to have rankings with hundreds of keywords, and this is exactly what everyone else is doing, so how do you reach the ranking that you need – good question. 

Good tip

The best tip is to have a company that specializes in SEO, but you need to ask them how many attorney websites they have optimized. Most companies that do search engine optimization will tell you that there is no difference with your website and other websites they have worked on. But it might be better to look for a company that only works with this single niche market.

More help

For more information on SEO for attorneys and lawyers, you can go to for further information on this SEO marketing niche. A company that specializes in this niche will know exactly what needs to be done to optimize your website. They already know what keywords to use as well as other marketing tools to use for websites in this unique niche. They will know and be better able to explain why your website needs special care and attention with SEO marketing and what advice they can give you to get the best for your budgeting dollar.