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Simple Guide to Personal Protection Application in Singapore

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If you feel like your life is in danger, know that there are steps to make for you to apply for a personal protection order (PPO) against stalking, aggravated stalking, as well as harassment. Before you file for PPO, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. This is a process, and working with a lawyer is highly recommended. But to give you a heads-up, these are the steps that you need to take.

What is A Personal Protection Order?

The Personal Protection Order (PPO) is an order that will restrain a respondent from doing any act of violence against the applicant(s). PPOs are made in Singapore when the Court believes that it is necessary to have a protection order to safeguard a person or a family against violence or danger. By restraining the abuser from committing any violence, the victims are safer.

Know When You Need to File for PPO

When you think of applying for PPO, you need to be confident that this is the appropriate action for you to take. You need to know which application you need to file for a particular situation. You can request a PPO in cases such as harassment, stalking, and aggravated stalking. A medical report for the incident is not always necessary when ordering a PPO, even for physically abused victims.

Who Can Apply for a PPO

Anyone can apply for a protection order against the abuser, and the individual must be 21-years-old and above. Parents who know that their children are victims of mental, physical, and emotional abuse can also file a PPO on their behalf if they are under 21. You have to remember that anyone can apply for a PPO, even for a violent family member living at the same address as you.

Decide Where to Apply for PPO

Once you know what grounds you are applying for PPO, the next thing to do is decide where you should file your application. You must file your PPO application in the justice court where the incident took place. Remember that stalking or harassment should be filed where the conduct occurred. It should also be where the applicant was affected by the behavior.

Prepare your Application with a Lawyer

If you are not sure how or where to apply personal protection order singapore, you can seek help from legal experts with a good number of years of experience. Some people are wondering why they need to work with a lawyer. Knowing that this will be a challenging process for you, you should engage a lawyer for these processes.

If you seek a private lawyer’s assistance, you should expect that there will be charges for the services they offer. But of course, if you know that you are choosing a reputable one highly recommended by others, you can be assured that the charges are reasonable. Remember that it is best to work with a legal expert during these instances than to work your way with the law blindly.