September 23, 2023

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Needles is a software company that was a start-up in 1982. It began as a data processing service that was involved in professional time sharing. In 1985, they were approached by a group made up of personal injury attorneys who needed software that could help them run their firm that was growing fast and needed to be more efficient. At this time Needles had on it staff a capable software designer with a law degree.

DOS version

Due to this unique set of circumstances, Needles began designing and writing the programs needed to create a Case Management software that was easy-to-use as well as specifically designed to meet the needs of personal injury law offices. The result was PINS or Personal Injury Negligence System, which was the DOS version of the software.

Nationally known reputation

In 1995, they moved to a Windows platform, and PINS had grown to a nationally known status as the foremost case management resolution for any personal injury attorneys with hundreds of client firms quite satisfied. This Windows platform permitted this software, now referred to as Needles, to develop a very customizable so that it is now able to work for any area of practice.

2008 changed ownership

In November of 2008, the company again changed ownership. The mission of the company and the supreme level of service, support and training that their clients came to expect remained under the new owners. The change in ownership indicated a look to the future of the company: a future of vision, youth and drive.

Continue to grow reputation

The following years where full of product improvement and prosperity, in July 2017, Needles was buy by ‘Ridge Road Capital Partners’. They had also attained TrialWorks, also a trusted and successful name in the field of legal software. These 2 products are now combined under an umbrella corporation, which leveraged the properties of both companies under Ridge Road’s development partnerships. This was able to fast-track the innovation of this product while sustaining“best-in-class” training and customer’s service. Needles with Trial Works together have combined years of history totaling 55 and over 2,500 law firm as clients. This combination created the leader in case management software for law firms with a plaintiff-focused.