February 25, 2024

The police are going to look again the 2012 Alps Massacre case which the whole family and one cyclist brutally killed. The incident happened on November 6, 2012, and it is one of the most controversial cases in that time. Let’s take a look at the massacre that was once, shocked the whole country of France.

Ex-Soldier connected to the crime?

The British police are looking to have a series of questions with a 34-year-old soldier named Nordahl Lelandais that was once involved in two other lawsuits near the area. The first case is the kid’s disappearance in the wedding event. The girl is nine years old, and the primary suspect behind this incident is a guest.

The suspect has been in custody with the police since September because of his participation in the incident but still denies the allegations despite the court’s chargings. According to France Prosecutor, the police will look for related disappearances that have taken positioned in the area. Thierry Dran said that the police would also verify other relations and sooner or later there might be more suspects.

Other cases might link Lelandais.

Another Belgian citizen whose name is Adrien Morial disappear last September while Jean Morin and Ahmed Hamad whereabouts are unknown since 2011 and 2012. Still, Nordahl denies these allegations, and the ex-soldier is very calm, which gives a hard time for the police.

New shreds of evidence

Last September early this year, a hiker discovers the skull of a lost soldier while the corpse of Maelys’ body is missing. The police efforts over these past months including dogs, helicopters and even the volunteers did not lead them to progress.

The girl vanished at 3 am-midnight at a wedding last August which the ex-soldier is also a guest of the groom. In the past investigations, the primary suspect is an unmarried dog lover who does not include any full jobs. The police said that the previous kidnapper drove a black sports car named Audi which is significant evidence that makes him connected to two various cases.

The ex-soldier lived with his family at Domessin Village and known to watch a lot of pornographic videos and shows according to the investigations of the police. In the alleged murderer’s internet search history, the police find out that Lelandais before the incident typed “decomposition of a human body.” This result leads that the ex-soldier is the mastermind of this all disappearances according to the police.

Lawyer’s Statement

Alain Jakubowicz got angry with the investigators and the British police about investigating the Maelys’ lawsuit. Alain said that they are leaking and damaging the critical evidence against Lelandais. The police most likely will have trouble if they open up again the investigation because most likely the crime victim services have done their job in the area. Jakubowicz said that Nordahl is not aggressive even if the investigator asks their co-friends. The magazine in France named Paris Match reported that the ex-soldier was also had arson charges last 2009.