June 19, 2024

It may seem unlikely for you to have an acquaintance or relative suddenly going missing, but it happens to people in New York more often than you’d probably think. In fact, police officers have to handle anywhere from 2,500 to 3,000 cases of missing persons every year. While most of these persons end up found after some time, there’s still a small chance that something horrible might have already happened to a missing person.

Aside from the low chance of the person meeting foul play, the majority of missing person cases turn out that they often disappear of their own will. In many of these cases, the missing persons either leave the area to get away from unhealthy relationships or even to run away from financial difficulties. You might also be surprised to know that it’s not a crime for an adult to disappear or suddenly conceal their identity to avoid being found.

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Tracking Down Missing Persons

When a person goes missing, people concerned about the disappearance have two options: get in touch with the police or hire a private investigator in New York. While getting help from the police is often the more popular option, the police are bound by a few limitations that may hinder them from effectively tracking down an individual. On the other hand, private investigators have more freedom when it comes to tracking down the missing person, but the rate of success greatly varies and depends on the investigator’s skill set and experience.

In either case, the search starts out by gathering as many leads as possible. People who have been known to make contact with the missing person are interrogated. In the case of police searches, a missing person report is filed for record keeping sake. More detailed reports soon follow after a month or so.

The Importance of Detail

Having plenty of info about a missing person can help speed up the search for both police and private investigators. Physical traits such as stature, facial features, tattoos, and even dental characteristics aid in quickly identifying an individual and for creating portrait renders that may be used in missing person posters. Personal habits, identity of associates, and location of property or frequented places can also show hints of where a missing person headed after they disappeared.

Getting information can be easy in some cases, but finding a missing person that doesn’t want to be found can be challenging. There are many cases when a missing person uses fake IDs or documents to keep their presence hidden, and some even go so far as to change their appearance to get searchers off their tail. Whether it’s the police or a private investigator, the use of advanced tracking technology such as GPS and other surveillance equipment can increase the chances of finding the missing person. In the rare case that a body is found, extra steps such as DNA tests and visual identification are taken to confirm the identity of the body.

Missing persons may happen more often than expected in New York, but it’s good to know that people concerned about missing persons are not completely powerless to help them in their search. Getting in touch with either police or private investigators can mean the difference between finding that person or losing them forever.