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The Main Causes of High Staff Turnover in Manufacturing

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It is painful to see your most talented staff walk away, especially when they decide to join a competitor. This is because your production facility relied on them to craft strong that worked. Furthermore, you might have used a lot of resources on staff development, but now the skills they acquired might be used by the competitor to outdo you. Before thinking of a strategy to address the problem, it is advisable to start by asking the question, “What is the main cause of high staff turnover?

In this post, we will look at the main causes of staff turnover. Take a closer look at them to determine the one that might be pushing employees out of your organization and think of changes to adopt.

Lack of Growth Opportunities

When you employ staff, perhaps directly from college, the expectation is that their career will grow, ultimately rising to leadership positions after gaining some experience. So, does your company offer staff this sense of progress? If not, they are likely to exit and join other companies that can propel them further in their careers.

To help them to create growth opportunities for your staff, consider drawing a clear path for progression. For example, an employee with masters degree and several years of demonstrated leadership capability might be qualified for promotion to managerial positions. You can also develop employee levels to create a sense of progress in their careers instead of moving out.

Poor Recognition and Feedback

Once an employee joins your manufacturing facility, the efforts are remunerated in the form of wages, but this is not enough. If you fail to recognize and reward employees’ special commitment, they are likely to look for alternative companies to work for. For example, if the marketing department was able to double the sales target, the team should be recognized and motivated to work even harder. Other advantages of recognition include:

  • Other employees are likely to work harder to get similar recognition.
  • The standards set by the hard-working staff are likely to become the new norm.
  • Rewarding the entire team makes the department or entire organization identify with the positive results.
  • It reinvigorates the team, making the organization move forward and become more successful.

Poor Employee Selection: Iskander Makhmudov

We must indicate that hiring good staff is tough, but trying to make the wrong employee a good one is not likely to end well. Even when you are trying to fill a position in a hurry, getting the wrong staff is likely to end in high staff turnover. Take the example of a manufacturing firm looking for a sales manager but ends up hiring a skilled operations manager. In the end, the hired employee is likely to opt-out because he/she is not trained on growing sales. See, you are likely to be forced back to the hiring board for a new marketing officer.

At Ural Metallurgical and Mining Company (UMMC), the founder, Iskander Makhmudov, insists that you cannot grow without the right staff. By picking the best staff based on their skills and giving them opportunities to craft strategies for growth, UMMC has grown into one of Russia’s biggest brands and across the globe too.

If you want to grow your enterprise, it is vital to ensure you hire the best staff and retain them. Using the strategies we have highlighted above, you help staff develop a sense of identity and want to take the manufacturing company to the next level instead of walking away.