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The Right O1 Visa Lawyer for You Now

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The O-1 visa is a temporary visa for individuals with extraordinary skills. The O-1 visa is a very attractive visa which corresponds to a non- immigrant visa. That is to say a temporary residence and work permit, valid for 3 years and renewable indefinitely after the first request in one year increments. The O-1 visa is intended for applicants whose skills would be extraordinary, it comes in 4 different visas:

  • The O-1A
  • O-1B
  • O-1C

The O-1A affects applicants whose abilities would be extraordinary in the professional world, in the business world or in sport. The O-1B concerns the field of the arts. The o1 visa lawyer is the most important matter there.

In order to obtain an O-1 visa

 You will need to list all the means you can bring to prove that you are exceptional, press articles, TV shows, publications, references to your work in other works . It will therefore be required by the authorities proof of your performance, both nationally and internationally.

If you are a renowned artist and wish to be eligible for an O-1B visa:

You will have to provide the documents justifying your artistic prowess, such as an Oscar, an Emmy or a Grammy, for example. For the O-1A, you will have to gather 3 of the 8 criteria required and for the O-1B, 3 of the 6 criteria required for its election. For Settlement Visa UK check this link. 

Visa O-1 and Green Card

Please note, Maître Florian warns us against a false idea: The O-1 visa does not directly transform into a green card. But the criteria it requires are very close to those required by the green card. D e generally does having an O-1 is a good precedent for a map although it green not guarantee its achievement.

Ask your expatriate relatives, friends or family to find out if they have ever used the services of a US immigration lawyer. If they were happy with it, they will be quick to give you a name quickly. If you are part of a professional organization such as a Franco-American chamber of commerce, do not hesitate to play the network either. Also, be sure to check with the consulate or embassy for a list of French-speaking lawyers who request it. In New York, for example, a lawyer receives French nationals once a month at the premises of the Consulate General. It is necessary to make an appointment with the consular reception.

Contact former customers

Immigration is a broad subject, with questions as diverse as the questions of those who emigrate. Before signing a contract, it is important to ask several lawyers to find out if they are familiar with a case similar to yours. Do not hesitate to contact other clients with whom he could have worked to find out their working method and their ability to be good advisers.

Compare fees

Some lawyers charge by the hour while others charge a lump sum. 

Pay attention: Always ask if there are additional costs, especially for postal charges if you are located abroad.

Check your credentials

Call the local bar to find out the names of the lawyers or check whether the one with whom you are in contact has the right to practice, but also their liabilities, for example if he has already been subject to disciplinary proceedings.