April 14, 2024

Partnering with ZenBusiness gives you an affordable offer of making your company successful. They offer the best deals on their packages and also a few discounts to all their best users. In this ZenBusiness review, we’ll try having a clear idea of what are the pros and cons of the company and how you can use them to your benefit.


  • It is one of the best cost-friendly LLC services you can partner up with.
  • Their pricing range starts at around 50 $. They also provide the best services at about one-third of the price in comparison with their competitors.
  • They always try keeping things straight forward.
  • They keep their things simply so that everyone can understand.
  • No high skilled or confusing languages are used.
  • There are thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, and this gives you confidence that ZenBusiness is a trustworthy partner.
  • They also have outstanding feedback and reviews from almost all of their customers.
  • They help you in the initial stages of your start-up and also assist you throughout your business career.
  • They have an LLC Administration policy as a part of their most renowned pro package which assists the customers in all their needs.
  • It takes its social and corporate responsibilities seriously.
  • It focuses on growing the company as much as they can and focus on the good instead of criticising the bad. They also partnered with Kiva to reduce poverty as a social cause.
  • They have around three best packages,
  1. Starter package at 49$ + state fee
  2. Pro package at 179$ + state fee
  3. Premium package at 299$ + state fee
  • The starter package has the following features,
  1. Provides registered agency services
  2. Name availability search
  3. Operating agreement
  4. CPA Assessment
  • The pro plan has the following features,
  1. Employer ID number
  2. Worry fee compliance
  3. Guarantee reporting’s
  • The premium package has the following features,
  1. Rush filing speed
  2. Business website
  3. A domain name for the Business
  4. A business email- ID
  5. Priority filing service


  • When it comes to the turnaround time of the service team, it is not as straight forward as the company portraits itself to be.
  • Their marketing quality doesn’t always reflect in the amount of time they take to complete the services.