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The Best of Legal Supports for the car Acidents

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Accidents, small or large, happen with almost every driver. The consequences of these incidents can be different, sometimes quite serious.

Legal assistance in a car accident helps to avoid false accusations and procedural errors. A competent lawyer in these matters already during the oral consultation will explain to you which documents should be drawn up on the spot, and what rights you have after the incident. The assistance of a lawyer will be needed in the course of further proceedings, including in court hearings in case of violation of traffic rules.

Auto legal protection by the Car accident lawyer provides you with administrative and legal assistance after a loss or a traffic violation. This insurance reimburses the legal costs and fees of your lawyer. At first, your legal assistance insurance will however be oriented towards a solution without the intervention of the court, on the basis of an amicable agreement.

What is legal protection insurance for?

Claims are generally handled without incident. However, difficulties can sometimes arise. Two examples:

You have caused a car accident and must appear before the police court. With this insurance you will be defended and your sentence will be limited as much as possible. The fine will however remain at your expense.

You are the victim of a road accident but the opposing party disputes its responsibility. Your auto legal protection insurer will defend your interests up to court. It will help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

For this type of legal conflict, you have a choice. You can try to solve everything on your own. Many questions nevertheless arise.

  • How to take the right approach?
  • How to find a specialist lawyer and the best expert?
  • How much will a trial cost and what will it bring?

With auto legal protection, you are sure to have the necessary administrative and legal assistance, without having to bear the costs. Legal assistance lowers the intervention threshold to assert your rights. It is a good complement to auto liability insurance.

When does legal protection insurance take place?

Auto legal protection helps you in the following situations:

In your criminal defense: if you have caused a traffic accident, if you have committed a driving offense and are liable to a fine or a penalty.

In case of recourse on your part

You are the victim of an accident and you claim compensation from the opposing party.

In the event of contractual disputes

For example, a dispute with a mechanic or the operator of a carwash.

In the event of administrative disputes

For example, with the authorities regarding the registration or technical inspection of your car or regarding the registration tax.