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What Damages Are Subject to Compensation in a Personal Injury Case?

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If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence in any kind of accident – including traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents, and accidents caused by defective products – you need to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled in order to reach your fullest recovery. You may, however, wonder about exactly which damages will be included in your case. While every personal injury case is unique, the categories of damages for which you can be compensated remain the same and include your medical costs, your lost wages, and your pain and suffering. The dedicated personal injury lawyers at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman in NYC are well versed in maximizing their clients’ recovery in every category of damages, and we have the multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts to prove it.

Your Medical Costs

The medical expenses you experience as a result of a serious injury are likely to be extensive, including:

  • Emergency care at the scene of the accident and emergency transportation from the scene of the accident
  • Surgery and aftercare
  • Treatment and care from doctors and specialists
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription medications
  • Rehabilitation
  • Adaptive physical devices
  • Home health care

The fact is that a serious injury can require expensive medical treatment into your future and can lead to secondary health concerns that complicate the matter even further. 

Your Lost Wages

If you’ve been injured, it’s very likely that you’ll experience lost wages as a result of lost time on the job. If your injury is very serious, your earning potential into the future can be affected, and you may even face an altered career trajectory. Because our careers are often so integral to our sense of self, these effects can be especially devastating.

Your Pain and Suffering

The physical pain and suffering associated with a serious injury tend to be extreme, but the emotional pain and suffering can be just as debilitating – if not more so for its ability to linger indefinitely. Common symptoms of emotional pain and suffering can include increased anxiety, lingering depression, emotional lability, mood swings, personality shifts, and other PTSD-like symptoms. The pain and suffering associated with an accident and attendant injuries that are caused by someone else’s negligence are very real and should never be discounted. 

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If someone else’s negligence causes you to be injured, it can leave you at a tremendous disadvantage. Not only are you injured and vulnerable, but you’re also left either at the mercy of the insurance company or in the predicament of having to fight for your own rightful compensation. Fortunately, the intrepid personal injury attorneys at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman in New York City have the experience and proven capacity to help you obtain the compensation that covers every category of damage you’ve experienced. Our firm’s stellar reputation is well-deserved, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 212-285-3300 for more information today.