April 15, 2024

Sometimes, few situations arise in the relationship that makes the life of people associated with it, miserable. It becomes hard to avoid a divorce, and when divorce becomes inevitable, one must not fear to have it. A divorce can help you to abstain from every day’s quarrel issues, but it impacts the lives of children. Parents get stressed thinking about child custody. However, by law, both will be considered the natural parent of their kids. A parent who is custodial takes the child with him or her and takes care of them. If the other parent is not abided by the law to visit their children, then they have the legal access to spend time with their kids. The law does not let the child decide with whom they want to live with. This decision is taken by the judge being unbiased of the emotions of parents. This decision is taken by considering several facts in the account, i.e., who can take care of the child in a better way, where this child could grow mentally, socially, emotionally into a well being. In cases of child abuse, a parent may also be banned from seeing their children again. It does not matter how much the parent earn; the fact that they can take care of the child is enough to get them custody. A mother with no financial hands still be considered as a primary caretaker, and the father is asked to pay for the betterment of the child. When the child reaches a certain age, he or she can decide which parent to live with. Many people believe that once a child reaches a certain age, the custody automatically transfers to the father are a wrong fact. It is totally a child’s decision to whom he or she wants to live with.

The needs of the child must be fulfilled by the primary caretaker:

To whomever the custody is given, the other parent can still meet the child as decided by the court. It could be weekly, fortnightly, daily or monthly. The duration may increase during vacation times, or there may be no restriction, in some cases, to meet the child. For the convenience of a child, both the parents are allowed to attend any school function of their child, together. If the situation in a relationship comes to divorce, then parents get to worry about the custody of their child. In such cases, it is crucial to meet a lawyer, as they help you gain the custody by knowing your situation. One must also do their own research on child custody, and should take a decision not out of emotions and love for the kid, but for the betterment of their future. Win-Win Child Custody is a great book that describes every possible scenario when it comes to child custody. The decision by the court is always taken for the better future of the child; the court does not consider the point of view of the children if they are not of a certain age.