April 15, 2024

There are several hundred law firms. Every year, universities of the city at times multiply the ranks of experts in the law. But when a legal problem arises, the question of choosing a lawyer or a law firm arises. Which company will treat the client’s problem as if it’s personal and will provide the highest quality services?

Which lawyer will do everything in his power to protect your interests? How not to make a mistake in choosing the right lawyer? Often, a lawyer is trusted to resolve truly life-changing issues. And often the profession of a lawyer is compared with the profession of a doctor. This is because the work of a lawyer is associated with risk. From sflinjuryattorneys.com you can know a great lot.

Risk of adverse legal consequences

Sometimes a person who calls himself a “lawyer” can not only help but also harm a client. What to do in this situation? How not to harm yourself?

  • As a rule, information about lawyers, law firms and prices for legal services is closed or extremely uncertain. The overwhelming majority of firms talk about their “professionalism”, “experience”, “competence”, “individual approach to each client”, etc. But these are standard, long-traveled, and often do not carry anything statements.
  • Frequently, phrases like “We have been working for 15 years and our customers are satisfied”, “We have a lot of experience”, “We are a team of professionals”, “We will win your business” are just empty words. And the last statement – “We will win your case” – must be treated with extreme caution at all. Why? Because the final decision is taken by the court. And to declare to a lawyer representing the interests of the client in court that the case will be won, simply incorrectly and even unethically.

He can only assume the probability of a favorable outcome (and not in percentages). By and large, a lawyer who is worthy and respectful of his clients should not undertake a case at all, for the solution of which he has no clear prospects or a case that is obviously hopeless and therefore losing. In such cases, the person who applied for help is given a detailed and reasonable answer that going to court in this particular case is devoid of meaning.

Otherwise, it will be deception and fishing for the client’s money from scratch. What to pay special attention to when choosing a lawyer or law firm? The answer is simple – pay attention to details.

  • Evaluate the organization of the law firm. Here it is necessary to take into account that the order of organization of work of a law firm consists of external and internal. External order and organization include: First: the office of the law firm itself (where the availability of modern equipment, computers, office furniture, printers, fax machines and other office equipment is located). All this is estimated in seconds at a glance.

On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account that if the office is very spacious (even chic), equipped with all the latest innovations possible, lawyers write with gold pens and use silver paper clips, then in the end, no one pays for it all. as a customer. Secondly: the appearance of the lawyers themselves. If a lawyer is untidy, he is holding a reception in a T-shirt and a tracksuit – then there is hardly a worthy consultant in front of you.