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Things You Should Know Before Finding A Criminal Defense Law Firm

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If you wish to hire a criminal attorney, the worst thing that you can do is to search online for the first one that pops up.

Of course, you can do it, but that is not efficient especially because recommendation is still the best way of getting the perfect lawyer for your particular requirements.

During the criminal trial, time is limited and highly important, which is why you have to find someone who knows how to deal with these specific charges. The idea is to find the best lawyer possible and there are numerous firms available in the city or state you live in such as Caldwell and Kearns for instance.

After getting a few recommendations from people that had similar experiences, the next step is to set up appointments so that you can meet them along the way. Have in mind that most quality lawyers have busy schedule, so you have to meet with their staff.

You do not have to eliminate them from the equation in case that they are busy. It is vital to be completely prepared for the meeting so that you can reduce lost time throughout the process.

Some attorneys will ask you to fill a questionnaire, and you have to bring relevant documents as well.

You have to bring these documents to a criminal lawyer:

  • Everything that you have received from the court that shows charges as well as next court appearance date.
  • Paperwork that police gave you
  • Bail papers
  • Copy of police report

Have in mind that criminal lawyers will find it helpful if you have any witness that will give you one-step ahead when it comes to defendants and victims.

Witnesses have to verify that no one has represented them in the office you wish to choose, and if someone has been represented, it means that the lawyer you wish to choose cannot work for you due to conflict of interest.

You should ask certain questions that will help you decide which lawyer is the best for your needs. These things will help you narrow the search down and find the perfect candidate that will help you along the way.

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Experience and Background

As soon as you meet with a criminal lawyer, you have to learn whether he/she has prior experience with similar cases and charges. For instance, if you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, you do not need an attorney that defends murder suspects.

Therefore, you should ask them:

  • About degree and law school that they attended as well as year of graduation so that you can determine the experience level that attorney features.
  • Ask them on how often they are appearing in court in which you have to be, because previous experience with same judges and prosecutors could help you win the case.
  • Are they negotiation plea agreements or handling courts? At the same time, you should ask them to describe relationship with your prosecutor.
  • How often clients go to trial and whether he/she is capable of helping you along the way?
  • Ask him whether he is familiar with the charges you have and whether he has similar clients that featured same charges.

Questions about the Case

It does not matter if you are charged in your state, county or federal court, because it is important to find a criminal defense lawyer that has the experience with the similar cases. Therefore, you have to conduct an interview and ask relevant questions that will help you make up your mind:

  • Ask about your legal options and what you will be able to get if you plead guilty through agreement.
  • Ask about aspects of the case that are working in your favor so that you can determine whether it works for you or not.
  • You should also ask everything that will help you understand the process such as stages, arraignment as well as motions and fillings that you have to pass to win it.

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Finally, you should ask questions on case management so that you can see whether lawyer has the ability to represent you and what is the desired outcome.

Knowing whether he will work with the team or by himself is important because that way you will be able to know what will happen in the future.