February 25, 2024

“Marriage equality is not a choice, it is a legal right” – Cory Booker

There is always a consensus, spoken as well as silent, between the two persons who agree to become a part of each other’s life till eternity, but if the interests of one of them overshadows and neglects the well-being of the other person completely, this consensus may bring in suffocation. And the next stage is knocking the courts of laws to redeem what is their due.

Marriage and family, no matter how romantic these sound, are actually governed by clearly defined laws so that a person losing too much of himself or herself into the relationship can find a protection. Here are some of the situations when things fail to proceed as planned and you need to consult family lawyers Sydney for the legal advice.Image result for Top 5 Situations Where You May Need A Family Lawyer

Separate on terms, the legal way!

Here are some of the issues that need legal assistance and are best solved in the least possible time with professional aid:

    • Divorce proceedings: Every family has different problem and so, the reasons of divorce and expectations from the proceedings are ought to be different. A professional lawyer can help present the case in the best light and allow the evaluators and judges to understand the situation as is.
    • Post divorce parenting: Separating couples need to ensure that the children get least affected by turmoil, and in case of abusive parent, the rights should be awarded to the more responsible one. Ascertaining it will require legal assistance certainly.
  • Spousal maintenance: Size of maintenance, reason for receiving it or proving your eligibility to receive this can prove to be a nerve-wrecking experience. Legal experts know the procedures and certainly are trustworthy in this regard.
  • Property settlement: If the husband and wife have made some property post marriage, it needs to be settled justifiably as well as equitably.
  • Sexual abuse: The word itself is terrifying enough to shake one to the core. The family lawyers can help seek the maximum punishment for the victim by presenting the case in a strong manner.

So, if the trouble in paradise has reached the irreparable state, it is time to know your rights and seek the assistance of the lawyers for better closure.