March 4, 2024

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Nobody would like to be charged with a crime, but then again, things happen and you find yourself, or your loved one in a sticky situation. If ever you find yourself here, one of the best things you can possibly do is hire a professional attorney Medina Ohio to defend you. Before you hire a lawyer, you need assess them in order to decide whether they are the right one or not. In this article, we will share with you some of the best ways to do that assessment.

They Ensure Your Constitutional Rights Are Protected

Irrespective of payment or whether you are actually guilty or innocent, a professional attorney must always ensure that your rights are protected, you are vindicated, and that you are not only treated fairly, but as humanly possible by the justice system. Of course, this does not mean that things will go smoothly or that things will work in your favor, but a reputable criminal defense lawyer will fight tooth and nail for you.

They Have a Good Reputation

Lawyers and judges, prosecutors, cops, and probation offers are always repeat players in the justice system. This means that more often than not, they know each other during the case. When a lawyer has a good reputation, they are usually in a better place to negotiate a deal for you or advocate for you.

They Don’t Get Their Feelings Involved

Professional criminal defense lawyers usually don’t really care if the client is guilty or not. Of course, defendants would like everyone to believe that they are innocent. However, defense lawyers do what their job entails, which is to defend the client and secure the best possible outcome for the case.

They Investigate

Criminal defense attorneys don’t just take the word or their clients, the cops or the prosecutors. They do their own investigation through private investigators and try to dig up as much as they can. They demand information from prosecutors, collect records, go to the crime scene, talk to witnesses, take statements, secure relevant videos, and take pictures and everything else that is required to uncover the facts.

They Always Remind Their Clients to Exercise Their Fifth Amendment Right

This is the right to remain silent, and unfortunately, not many defendants exercise it. The lawyer will keep on reminding a client that they should not, under any circumstance divulge any kind of information without their presence, not even to the police. Especially not to the police. The lawyer will also talk to their client on a regular basis, whether they are locked up or not, to talk about the case and its progression. Generally, defense attorney are always busy, but a professional lawyer will make time for their client to update them about the proceedings.


These are some of the ways you can assess the capabilities of the criminal defense lawyer you are about to hire. Do some research about the lawyers in Ohio before you settle on the best one you can afford.