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Truck Accidents: How are They Different from Car Accidents?

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Collision cases concerning large trucks are usually not treated in the same way as auto accidents involving passenger cars or motorcycles. The parties involved and the manner in which 18-wheeler accident cases are dealt with differ in several ways.

Statistics indicate that about one million Americans die every year. Out of the total death cases, 32,000 individuals die because of auto accidents. Out of those who die because of auto accidents, 5000 people die in accidents involving semi-trucks.

If you have suffered losses or injuries in an accident involving a truck because of the recklessness of a commercial trucker, you may want to get commercial compensation. Since large truck accident claims are not the same as car accidents lawsuits, you will need to choose professionals such as Conyers Personal Injury Attorney to help you solve the issue at hand.

How semi truck accidents differ from an auto accident:

  • Bigger insurance policies

Due to nature, size, and the interstate movement of semi trucks, the insurance policies of these vehicles are generally higher than those of passenger vehicles. An insurance policy of a commercial truck can be worth several millions of dollars. This is the reason why the insurance carrier of such a vehicle will do everything possible to get out of liability.

In such cases, insurance companies tend put highly experienced and competent insurance adjusters on the case. These adjusters apply complex tactics so as to confuse the injured party. If you are involved in an accident involving a commercial truck, consider hiring the most experienced attorney you know. This will increase your chances of getting you insurance claims.

  • Greater injuries and more property damage

A semi-truck that has a full trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Heavy as it is, it can cause a serious damage to any vehicle which gets on its way. In most cases, commercial trucks accidents cause costly property damages.

When a commercial truck weighing more than 80,000 pounds goes against a car weighing more than 3000-pound vehicle, the results can be devastating. In simple terms, damages and injuries from accidents involving commercial trucks are generally more severe compared to those involving smaller cars.

  • Increased chances of death

According to statistics, commercial truck accidents have higher chances of causing deaths compared to passenger vehicles. If any of your loved ones has died in an accident involving a commercial truck, consider talking to a personal injury lawyer before you file any kind of claims.

  • Requires unique lawyer experience

With such a case, you cannot hire just any lawyer. You will need to consider several factors. It is always advisable to get an experienced truck accident lawyer to deal with such a case. These types of lawyers understand tactics commonly applied by insurance companies.


The information provided above proves that accidents involving commercial trucks are different from those involving cars. If you have suffered injuries in an accident, it is always important to hire a lawyer with the right expertise. This will help you get the compensation that you deserve.