October 3, 2023

UAE law about cybercrimes assures the security and safety of an individual and the protection of the states from any kind of cyber attack. The UAE has strict laws to counter cybercrimes with implementation of various penalties including prison and fines. If somebody misuse a smart device and found guilty, it would bring the violator/criminal a long term jail or might be a fined up to Dh3 million. HHS Lawyers have panel of one of the best Criminal Lawyers in UAE that are specialized to deals with such legal issues at UAE courts.

UAE Cybercrime LAW

The President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, issued the UAE Cybercrime Law No. 5 in 2012, , contains a variety of penalties or fines on violations varying between Dh50,000 and Dh3 million and the fine will depend on the severity and type of the violation.

Penalty for hacking

If someone tries to get unauthorized entry in to a website or a network system without any approval or permission, such person will be put behind bars and will get fined for at least     Dh50,000. These fines range as high as Dh1 million, in case of personal information that is deleted or stolen. Those who tried to march into someone else privacy can get jailed for six months and will meet fined from Dh 150,000 to Dh 300,000. Misuse of technology includes copying photos, tapping somebody’s phone and publishing news.

Strict Penalties

Penalty that held’s most severe of all penalties is set aside for those violators who run such malicious software which becomes a cause in order to discontinue the functioning of an IT system or a network. Such software results in various destructions for a system like omission, crashing, deletion, alteration of the programme, network system, website, information or data. The penalty for such violation or crime includes imprisonment of five years and a fine of Dh3 million. The range of cybercrimes is increasing on annual basis.

Furthermore, the criminal lawyers specifies a variety of penalties for other cybercrimes, which includes insulting public officials, abuse of religions and their customs, fake electronic documents, transfer and re-publishing of pornographic materials, making a copy of debit or credit card data, along with acquiring secret passwords or pin codes.

The customers bear a loss of USD 1.3 billion related to cybercrimes. This does not include the losses related to organizations which are expected to be much more.

Is reporting a Cybercrime a compulsion/requirement

UAE Penal Code, Article 274 depend upon any individual who has some facts related to crime in order to report that crime to capable authorities otherwise will get fined up to AED 1000. As per law, company in the UAE may have to report the crime to the significant Emirate police. Practically such crimes are not always reported. In case of reporting such crimes, a cybercrimes department is designated for such crime investigation. The filing of criminal case would base on the report given by the public prosecutor. Other organizations those are responsible for cyber security includes the following

  1. UAE Computer Emergency Response team, a subordinate of the TRA
  2. National Electronic Security Authority, a federal authority
  3. Telecommunications Regulatory Authority named as TRA
  4. Dubai Electronic Security Centre

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