October 3, 2023

Finding the best family lawyers in Sydney is often the best way to reduce stress during your relationship legal issues.

There can be several reasons why you would need legal assistance during relationship breakdowns, including if you are going through the adoption process, if you are in the middle of a divorce or if you are handling child custody after a separation.

Whatever your issue, you have enough to deal with already. Ensuring you have access to the very best family lawyers in Sydney is crucial, so you should know how to find them.

Things you should do when finding the best family lawyers in Sydney

Find out their level of experience

The last thing you want when dealing with the stress of relationship breakdown is a solicitor who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Often you can judge how experienced they are based on the amount of years their firm or practice has been in operation, previous case studies they have worked on or even based on a consultation you have with them and the way they approach your issue.

Make sure you get the best family lawyer in Sydney that you can afford as this will make the process smoother.

Determine their fees and costs

Different solicitors will have different costs, fee structures and flexibilities. While you’re looking for the best family lawyer in Sydney it is important that you choose a payment plan that suits what you are able to afford, as adding financial stress on top of relationship breakdown stress is not a good idea. However, do not try to ‘cheap out’ as you need to ensure your issue is dealt with in a sensible manner.

Make sure you know their specialisation

Did you know that solicitors are not experts in every legal field? In fact, most if not all legal practitioners have a certain area of expertise that they specialize in. O’Sullivan Legal, for example, specialise in matters relating to divorces and custody arrangements.

When you’re trying to find the best family lawyer in Sydney that you can get, it’s important that you choose a specialist in the relationship issue you are dealing with, as there is no point trying to use a divorce solicitor to help you with your adoption issues.

Make sure they are accessible

You may find a legal professional that ticks all of your checkboxes, but what good are they if they don’t pick up the phone when you need them the most? When looking for the best family lawyer in Sydney, find one who is willing to chat with only a moment’s notice.

Ensure they are an Accredited Specialist

The Law Society of NSW handles a Specialist Accreditation Scheme designed to assist the general public in determining the best family lawyers in Sydney who have displayed proficiency in their field.

 If you are dealing with an individual solicitor specifically (not a firm), then look for the words ‘Accredited Specialist’ after their name, as this means they will have had a minimum of five years of practise, with three years minimum in their area of expertise.

However be wary of additional costs they may tack on as part of these additional credentials. 

Compile a shortlist of candidates

While you are looking, you should create a list of the best family lawyers in Sydney based on all the above criteria discussed as it will help you make your final decision when push comes to shove.

Some of the best family lawyers in Sydney are often the most difficult to locate and making a decision during this time will not be easy. Remember to be patient and use this list as guidance and you will be well on your way to fixing your relationship legal issues.