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What to Do Before Talking to Criminal Lawyers About a DUI Charge

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DUI charges can have a far-reaching impact on someone’s future. With a DUI charge, it doesn’t’ matter if the driver intended to drive under the influence or how much they had to drink. All that matters is that the driver was over the legal limit when they were stopped. When someone is stopped for drunk driving, they should be careful about what they do and say before they speak with a lawyer. Drivers should use the following tips to avoid making the situation worse.

Stay in the Vehicle with Hands in View

Pull the vehicle over as quickly as possible, parking in a safe place. Turn the ignition off, turn the lights inside the vehicle on, and stay in the vehicle. Avoid reaching for anything and keep your hands in view, so the officer doesn’t need to worry as much about their safety. While you’ll need to step out of the vehicle if requested, until then, stay seated and let the officer know if you need to reach for anything like your wallet.

Do Not Admit to Any Traffic Infractions

The officer will likely ask if you know what you did wrong. Admission of anything will likely lead to a ticket. They’re not going to give a warning just because you’re honest. Instead, apologize and say you aren’t aware, as you believed you were following traffic laws. If the officer believes you are under the influence, let them accuse you. Don’t say that you might have been swerving or try to come up with an excuse as to a non-DUI reason why you may have swerved.

Say as Little as Possible to the Officers

Anything said to the officers can be used in court, so say as little as possible. They’ll need to know your name and other basic information, and will likely ask if the address on your driver’s license is up to date. Other than answering basic questions like these or being polite, do not say anything without legal representation. Most people will try to make up excuses for why they swerved or ran a stop sign. All this does is admit guilt to at least part of what the officer suspects, so even if you aren’t arrested for a DUI, you’re likely going to get a ticket.

Ask to Speak with a Lawyer Immediately

Don’t wait for the officer to start questioning you about whether or not you’ve been drinking. If they do ask any questions, politely say you’d prefer to speak with a lawyer before answering the questions. Then, contact a lawyer for help. The lawyer can provide advice on whether or not to answer questions during questioning and help formulate a good response when one is needed.

If you’re ever arrested and charged with a DUI, make sure you speak with one of the local criminal lawyers right away. Before you do, however, use the tips here to avoid making the situation any worse. When you follow these tips, there may be more the lawyer can do to help you get a better outcome for the case.