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When to Hire Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

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When a loved one first moves into a nursing home or another assisted living program, family members trust they will be cared for and treated with respect while receiving the help they need. Unfortunately, in some situations, elderly individuals must deal with abuse or neglect. Approximately 40% of the nursing home residents in the U.S. have reported some type of abuse and more than 90% have reported they or another resident in the facility suffered neglect. When this happens, it is best to seek counsel from Nursing home abuse lawyers.

Trust Your Loved One

If family members remain in contact with their loved ones while they live in a nursing home facility, the senior may share situations where they are mistreated by the staff. If this happens, listen to what they say and pay attention to what they describe. Ask the individual how to help. However, not all individuals in assisted living or nursing homes can verbalize abuse or neglect. It is up to family members to know what to look for when it comes to mistreatment, too.

Signs of Physical Abuse

Staff at nursing homes may physically abuse the elderly in their care. It is up to family members to look for the signs of harm, which may include bruises, scratches, and other injuries. Abusive caretakers will typically take steps to cover up the abuse they inflict, so ask the senior how the injuries happened, if possible. Other types of physical abuse that a senior may suffer at the hands of nursing home staff include the improper administration of medications, confining someone when it is not needed, and more. Sometimes, physical abuse may not leave any visible signs of an injury.

Signs of Neglect

Another type of abuse is neglect. This is something that will not always show physical signs. Neglectful caretakers may not even intentionally be abusive, but the end result of their subpar care results in emotional distress or physical harm. If a caretaker has neglected their responsibilities when it comes to caring for the seniors at the facility, then it could be time to contact an attorney that can provide services and help with nursing home abuse and neglect cases.

Finding the Right Attorney

When it comes to nursing home abuse and neglect cases, it is essential to take time and put in the effort to find the right attorney for the case. This is going to help ensure the desired results for the case are achieved. Unfortunately, cases like these are not always easy and can be complex, which is why hiring an attorney is so important.

With time and effort, it is possible to find a quality attorney that will be able to handle the case. Being informed and knowing what to look for is the best way to achieve the desired results for the situation and to receive justice for the senior who has been abused or neglected. Keep the information here in mind to know the signs and to know when to act.