October 3, 2023

Taking the bus is a convenient option for people who do not like stressing about traffic congestion or getting a parking space. Unfortunately, just like other vehicles, buses get involved in traffic crashes.  

While crashes involving buses may not be as common as other types of accidents, their consequence can be many times worse. The fact that buses lack safety features, such as seat belts and airbags, makes an accident more likely to cause severe injuries and sometimes deaths.

Bus accident injury claims can involve many victims, and the liable parties could be more than one, which makes it a rather complex claim to navigate. If you have been injured in an accident involving a bus, getting a personal injury lawyer can help increase your chances of getting a full and fair settlement in your injury claim.

Getting Medical Attention

Under normal circumstances, the bus staff will contact emergency services in an accident. While it is possible to feel okay in the adrenalin rush that accompanies an accident, it is essential to get checked by emergency responders. Even when you may not need to use an ambulance, follow up the checkup at the scene with a visit to the ER. 

Seeing the doctor after an accident serves two purposes. One, it ensures you receive treatment for injuries suffered and, two, provides proof of injury and medication that your lawyer can use when building your case.

Get All The Evidence You Can

Besides first aid providers, the police are also among the first responders to an accident scene. Police being present at the accident scene is significant because it ensures the crash is recorded, which forms a critical piece of evidence. Police records are public records, meaning any party involved in the accident can access them upon request. 

When navigating a personal injury claim, any piece of evidence that can help give weight to your case is worth keeping. As you await help, collect photo and video footage of the scene, including the injuries sustained. Photos and videos can provide your lawyer with the materials necessary to build a solid case. You may also want to keep any piece of documentation that can help prove that you were traveling on the bus at the time of the accident.

Avoid Talking About Your Injuries

“What you say can hurt your case,” says Robert S. Marcus of Marcus & Mack, a Pennsylvania-based personal injury law firm. A bus accident can attract a lot of attention from onlookers and the media. When contacted by the media to talk about your experience during the accident, avoid making statements that could jeopardize your claim. It would be best to avoid talking to the media altogether.

Statements you make on your social media can also hurt your case, even when they may not be related to the case. For instance, a photo of you having a good time in the days following an accident can be used to water down the severity of your injuries. Stay away from social media until your claim is finalized unless you have something essential to say. Alternatively, let your lawyer vet anything you post to avoid hurting your case.