June 19, 2024

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The world is a dangerous place and the fact that people get injured is no real surprise, there are countless situations where you getting injured is your fault because you were doing something stupid like jumping off a roof. However, when somebody else endangers your life and safety which then results in an injury you need to know your rights.

What is a Personal Injury?

If you choose to open a “Personal Injury” case you are choosing to open a legal dispute which is only allowed when there has been an incident which has resulted in injury for an accident where somebody else may be legally responsible for harming you.

The best exam of this would be being hit by a car drunk or sober it doesn’t matter, if you are injured in that accident you can then open a docket at your local court or you can search legal aid, which you can do on the internet by searching for a phrase like “Little Rock Personal Injury legal advice”.

What options do you have when opening a case of personal injury?

There are two ways in which you can sort out a personal injury docket, one being an informal settlement and the other is going to court and opening a Formal Lawsuit against the person or company who injured you.

The option which is the most common solution to a case of personal injury is the option of making use of an informal settlement, which is where both parties meet behind closed doors and an amount of money is agreed upon by both parties (within reason), once a reasonable amount of money has been decided, both parties will sign an agreement which states that both parties will no longer pursue the issue once the amount of money has been agreed upon and paid.

The next option which takes a lot of time, which is why it is not the most popular option amongst business owners. This option involves opening a Formal Lawsuit which will entail the local court conducting an investigation and then the proceedings going to court where in some cases the proceedings will go to the high court.

When a Formal lawsuit is opened it is up to the company or person/s being sued to prove that they did not act in a careless manner which resulted in the injury of the plaintiff (the person who was injured) nor are they at fault with regards to the accident.


When you end up being injured you will have a certain amount of time to open a case of personal injury.

This time frame usually begins when the person is initially hurt or injured in the accident and ends on a set amount of time per state, for example, the time limit in Texas is 5 years for a sexual assault case and two years for a normal personal injury case. This time limits are listed in a document called the Statute of Limitations.