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When is a Police Officer Allowed to Detain you and Ask for Your ID?

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According to Manbir Sodhi Defence Lawyer, the police can ask to check ID under the following conditions:

When one is under the age of 18 and walking around in the evenings, have to follow the statutory time limits to when you can go outside. Practice and criminal defence lawyer Brampton show that, often in the evening, Interior Ministry officials check the ID cards of young people to make sure that the following rules are observed:

  • When you are at least 14 years old you have the right to leave unaccompanied up to 10 pm and the right to leave after 10 pm but accompanied;
  • When you are 18 years old, you have the right to go out unaccompanied after 10 pm
  • When there is evidence of you committing a crime or other violation of public order (for example, in the case of hooliganism);
  • When the check is necessary because there is a crime or administratively violated;
  • When you are a foreigner and control over the regularity of your identity and residence documents in the country;
  • When you are at a police checkpoint;
  • When the inspection is imposed at the request of another public authority.

How is the check itself conducted?

In order to be comfortable with the examination procedure, you should kindly ask the police to inform you of the reason for the search against me. If it is because they detain you, then what is the reason for the detention. If it is because you carry dangerous or forbidden items, then what is the data they are using for this item. It is important that you ask for all of this to be recorded in your search record says criminal defence lawyer in Brampton.

It is imperative that the search be conducted in the presence of at least one other witness. And when the reason for this is because you have been detained or concealed objects of importance in a court case, then the witnesses must be at least two (supporting persons) and again of the same sex.

The first and obligatory condition for a lawful search to be conducted is that the Ministry of the Interior officials present themselves to you by identifying themselves with their name and rank, and, they are obliged to show the police signs on their own and their service card according to criminal law firm Brampton.

Second: Police officers should obtain your identity by presenting IDs (ID, driver’s license, passport). If you do not carry one, it is enough for those who have IDs and know you to confirm that you are the person you are posing for.

If you refuse to present your IDs to the police authorities without reason or do not carry them with you, you may be fined. It may also be possible to be taken to a nearby regional unit and even have your fingerprints taken to reveal your identity. Do not forget to hire a criminal defence lawyer in Brampton.

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