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When to Consider Divorce: 5 Signs You Need to Sever Ties

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Everyone wishes for a happy and long-lasting marriage whenever it’s their turn to tie the knot. After all, marrying someone means entrusting another individual with your assets and properties—not to mention your personal safety, emotional health, and everything else in the bargain. It’s a decision that can only come from years of knowing each other—and from a place of steadfast trust, patient understanding, and unconditional love.

That being said, there is always a chance that the marriage will not work out. In such cases a divorce is ultimately sought to separate the two parties from their legally binding union. It happens all over the world, and in Australia, statistics have come to show that 1 out of 3 marriages will end in divorce.

When a marriage degrades to a point that a divorce is needed, it can be especially tough for all individuals concerned—not just for the married couple but also for their kids, their extended families,as well as their friends.

Thankfully, hiring a reputable and competent divorce lawyer can help quickly bring things to a satisfying conclusion, minimising the amount of heartache for everyone involved. The key here is to know when the right time to hire one is. To help you with that, we present you with this list of the biggest signs that you need to sever ties with your spouse. This way, you can immediately get in touch with divorce lawyers Perth clientscan trust.

Domestic abuse is a present element in the marriage

Whether it’s physical or emotional, always consider domestic abuse as a very sure sign that you need to look into starting the divorce proceedings ASAP. Any kind of delay could result in your physical and mental health being put at risk. Your children are also likely to be heavily traumatised at seeing their parents fight or hurt each other. Seek help as soon as possible, and don’t be afraid to call the authorities the moment you believe that your personal safety is at risk.

Your spouse is known to habitually cheat on you

For most people, the very first instance that they catch their spouse having an affair is usually enough for them to consider divorce. However, there are some who see value in the marriage enough to find it in themselves to forgive their offending partner. If you’ve done this and yet you still end up catching your spouse cheating on you again and again, this means that they have lost all respect for you. Seek the services of a divorce lawyer to get things started.

Fights or arguments don’t get resolved, just left up in the air

All couples tend to have disagreements. It’s part of what makes marriage such an exciting and lively prospect. After all, nothing is worse than having a spouse that simply agrees with everything you say or do. With that said, if conflicts or fights in your marriage usually end up unresolved, with one side simply surrendering or ignoring the other, then it may be time to consider parting ways. This constant lack of conflict resolution can mean many things, such as one party being bullied into submission, or simply being averse to any type of confrontation. However, it could also boil down to one side having a complete lack of respect for the other. This will inevitably cause a rift to develop between both individuals, resulting in distance and withdrawal.

Sex or lovemaking is non-existent

Another huge sign that your marriage may be on the rocks is the gradual or total cessation of any sexual activity between the two of you. A married couple having an active sex life means that both individuals share enough attraction and affection for each other that they can still express their love in such a physical way. It means that they still have an emotional connection with each other, and this can help cement a marriage even if it’s currently experiencing trouble.

If sex is non-existent with your marriage, then it means that any affection or attraction between you and your spouse has been extinguished. There is now distance and perhaps even estrangement between the both of you. The only option left for the two of you is a mercifully amicable and short divorce.

The marriage becomes last priority

Do you find yourself voluntarily working hours upon hours of overtime just to minimise the amount of time you spend at home with your spouse? Or perhaps your partner is doting on your children excessively, to the point that they’re ignoring even your own basic needs. This could be a sign that one of you have grown dissatisfied with the marriage, and are now seeking emotional fulfilment from somewhere else. It’s usually at this point when an affair would be in the offing, involving maybe a co-worker, a neighbour, a friend from the past, or someone else entirely.

A competent divorce lawyer can make parting ways painless, easy, and quick

No matter how much we pray or wish for it, sometimes a marriage just doesn’t work out the way we want it to. Unless both parties in the relationship are willing to work hard and sacrifice a lot to reconcile with each other, the only way to resolve things peacefully may be to get a divorce.

However, it’s necessary that you hire a divorce lawyer early. Otherwise the proceedings may get drawn out and become a costly headache for everyone involved. Prevent this from happening by watching out for the signs listed above. By keeping them in mind, you won’t be caught unawares for when you need to part ways with your spouse.