July 19, 2024

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Accused: A Serious Matter

If you have been accused of having child pornography, you know that it is quite a strong accusation to contend with. Sometimes, an accusation is false. Quite often, this type of accusation turns out to be a simple misunderstanding. It is important to know, each and every person is innocent until they have been proven guilty of this charge. Either way, being accused of having any type of pornography can be very damaging and draining to an individual. This is, indeed, a matter that must be taken seriously. The innocent individual must handle the accusation very carefully. Usually, this type of accusation begins with some type of search warrant. This warrant will be conducted in the place where the person has access to this type of material or items. Often, the pornography is coming from a computer. The search warrant could be held at a work setting too. Perhaps, a coworker saw something on a work computer and reported it to the authorities. It ought to be known, some accusations have turned out to be set up from a scorned person. A false accusation is, also, a very serious matter that can damage reputations and prove to be very costly. Remember, each person must be proven guilty of this crime before any charges can be formally made.

After the Accusation

What happens after an accusation of child pornography? It is a good idea to contact an experienced sex crime attorney as soon as possible. Do not talk unless an attorney is representing you and is present. This type of situation requires careful thought. Remember, anything that is said, can be turned and misinterpreted. Talking, without a representative, can make the situation worse. The authorities may take any evidence out of the area and use it for proof of a crime. The accused may not be able to get their computer back if it is considered to be evidence. If an individual is, actually, found guilty of the crime, they will be considered a sex offender. This type of label will affect their employment and other areas of their life in every way. Keep in mind, not every person will be found guilty. Sometimes, a person is shown to have clicked on the wrong website and it appeared that they were guilty of a crime. Not every person is proven guilty after an accusation. Once a person has been accused, there will be an investigation. The accused will be under investigation. They should not talk about it to anyone. It is important to understand, whatever is said can be used against the accused. Many states have various rules about images found on a computer.

The Charges of Possession of Pornography

The laws of being charged with this type of pornography differ from state to state. Illicit material is a serious crime. Usually, a person convicted will be considered a felon. The convicted will need to register as a sex offender in most states. Possession of pornography is a very serious offense. This may result in state and federal charges. It depends on the, actual, charge. This is a felony. If the charges come through, there are various distinctions that will need to be made. Possession comes in various degrees and forms. Proof is always necessary and needed for court. Keep your facts straight and your memory clear. Qualified counsel will be needed to assist with all court and sentencing. The charges will lead to court and guilt or innocence will need to be proven. Some innocent people have had to go to court too. If charges get dropped, life will go on with added caution in the future.