April 14, 2024

Texas holds a strong law when it comes to driving under intoxication. The 49.04 of the Texas Penal Code mentions that DWI is an offense. Unfortunately, if you have been charged with drinking and driving in Texas, then without wasting time, connect with a renowned DWI lawyer in Austin, Texas. The Law Office of Matthew Shrum is there to stand by your side when you or any of your friends or relatives has strong charges for driving under influence of alcohol or any other influence or drugs.

Here are some reasons why immediately connecting with a DWI lawyer in Austin, Texas is so important—

A strong defense against extreme DWI charges

When you’re detained by the police with the DWI charges in Austin, you need a lawyer immediately. Let the DUI legal expert appeal with a strong defense against the extreme charges. The attorneys know how to prove the accused clean by questioning the harassments at streets, fake breathing tests, validity of the result at the breathing device reaching 0.08 and more etc.

Help you understand the law

The DWI lawyer takes the responsibility to help the accused understand the law and the charges police has bestowed on him or her. The experienced lawyer leaves no trace of evidence while preparing the plea in front of the court for bail. If the charges are not serious, the attorney aims to settle with the police outside court.

Strategize to prove you clean

On visiting an eminent DWI lawyer in Austin, Texas such as Matthew Shrum, half of your worries can be diminished as the expert lawyer is a pro in proving the accused clean. Let him understand your case and prepare the case by focusing on certain avenues that you don’t even have to think of felony charges. Instead think of getting back home clean.