September 26, 2022

Employees can only be productive if they are provided a safe environment for work. One cannot perform to his highest ability if he or she feels insecure about the physical work setting. Workplace harassment is nothing new, but the voices against such misconducts are getting stronger with time. The ‘Me Too’ movement took the world by storm, and the trend should only strengthen itself. There are times when the victim, without any physical proof against the perpetrator, might feel that the law will not believe her claims. The victim should not endure such behavior over time without notifying the same to human resources. Continue reading this article to learn more about workplace harassment and why you should report the same.

Workplace Harassment: Most harassment is categorized into five types; Verbal, psychological, sexual, physical harassment, and cyberbullying. One can be harassed based on gender, sexual orientation, race, and more. Inappropriate touching, jokes, threats are all part of workplace harassment. For example, fat-shaming an employee falls under the category of verbal abuse. These harmful comments can be very easily made, and one is supposed to take them lightheartedly. But the problem is rooted in deep prejudice. Therefore, one must take steps against such behavior.

A Positive Change: When you blow the whistle on someone powerful, you save yourself from being harassed and make a positive change. So many women face sexual misconduct and harassment in the workplace but lack the courage to speak out. Most of the time, the perpetrator is someone of power in the office. Therefore, speaking against him can be of serious consequence. Thus, a company can silence the victim with indirect threats that lead him/her to suffer the harassment day in and day out.

  • When you speak up, it gives other victims the same opportunity to voice their grievances against the authority and the accused. The victim does not feel lonely anymore and gains a support system.
  • Talking about your experiences in the office lets others know that it is not okay to keep on conducting such behavior. New office rules and regulations may come into place to generate real changes in the office.

Legal Consequences: People shouldn’t be discriminated against in the workplace based on their skin color, race, or sexual orientation. Those in power should abide by the rules, or there will be consequences. They must learn that there are legal consequences of violating employee’s rights and forcing them to work in an unhealthy environment.

  • If you face harassment in the workplace, be sure to report the problem to the firm’s HR. Every company has a human resources team that handles such obstacles. If, however, you find that not enough action is taken to curb the problem at hand, you have the option to consult a lawyer. Reach out to Halunen Law agency to find legal support and to protect your rights in the office.
  • It is often very difficult to prove workplace harassment misconduct as most harasser leaves no physical evidence. Therefore, it is better to consult a legal attorney to learn more about the steps you should take to encounter such difficulties.