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Why Would You Need A Family Lawyer?

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Whether you are just starting a family or have already built one, it is crucial to understand that there are tons of issues that you may encounter. And this is where hiring the services of a family lawyer comes into the picture.

In view of this, why would you need a family lawyer? What are the services that a family lawyer can render? These services are considered below.

1. Child custody

Following separation or divorce, it is usually difficult for parents to agree on where minor children will stay and how to make other decisions that concern the children in the future. Well, you don’t have to get worked up over this as a lawyer with a specialty in family law can help you handle the situation expertly.

A family lawyer will assist you to decide split custody, joint custody, or sole custody that suits the best interest of the child.

2. Child support

Do you doubt the eligibility of your child for child support? Are you unsure of your obligation towards paying support for a kid? Would you like to change or even stop child support? If yes, a family lawyer can provide answers to all your questions.

3. Child access

Child access focuses on ensuring that both parents have the right opportunity to contribute to the parenting of their children. With the help of a family lawyer, the ideal parenting arrangements can be used to determine when and how you can see your child.

4. Emergency motion proceedings

After arranging child access for each parent, one of the parents may not honor the court order. This may occur when the child doesn’t return from visits when due, the child is exposed to any kind of danger, or the other parent has left the child’s jurisdiction without signs of returning. Regardless of the situation, an attorney with in-depth expertise in family law is your best bet to settle the problem.

5. Division of property

According to The Family Law Act, there is an established framework for dividing properties after divorce or separation. Nonetheless, the process is often too complicated for people with little or no understanding of family law. Fortunately, you can count on the expertise and experience of a family lawyer to get a reasonable and fair settlement when dividing your property.

6. Spousal support

Sometimes, a spouse has to support their ex-partner or spouse, based on their capability. However, you may doubt whether you should support your former partner or you are entitled to requesting support. To get clarity on your conditions, talk to a family lawyer today.

7. Divorce

Divorce often involves a time-consuming and laborious process. Besides, in some cases, the emotional challenges that come with a divorce often complicate things for the parties involved. Hire the services of a family lawyer to mediate and help you deal with the problems reasonably and legally.

8. CAS proceeding

The Children’s Aid Society is concerned about the welfare of every child. Hence, if you are deemed to have gone against the law, this organization may start proceeding against you. Sadly, such proceedings may affect your life and family in various means. Let a family lawyer advise you as well as represent you.

9. Separation, marriage and cohabitation agreements

Of course, you may think agreements concerning cohabitation, marriage, or separation are always easy to make. However, whenever things become bad between the parties involved, you will realize how problematic these agreements can be. Therefore, don’t put yourself in any problem; contact a lawyer with vast experience and expertise in family law to help you handle separation, marriage, and cohabitation agreements.

So, whenever you need assistance with any of the aforementioned issues, you should know that you need a family lawyer.