May 20, 2024

The first thing you need to do after suffering from burns at work is to report the injury. You can do it before heading to the hospital or when you come back after being treated. This should be done within the same day or the following day. Don’t let it pass for days without doing anything.

The main reason is that if you are filing for compensation for burns later, you need to show that you have actually reported what happened. The report will reach your employer’s desk. The law requires employers to provide compensation to pay for the medical treatment of workers who have suffered from burn injuries. You can even request medical treatment from your company since you have medical insurance that is under the company’s coverage.

This is not going to be easy

Companies know that they will have to pay a lot if you seek burn compensation. Therefore, they will make it difficult for you to get what you want. They might even threaten you to just sign the agreement and accept the small amount they are offering or not get anything at all.

It helps a lot if you are prepared. The best way to do so is to hire a lawyer. Don’t worry about the cost just yet. There are companies that provide services without expecting immediate payment. They will only request payment if you win the case or end up with a huge settlement offer.

Stay strong

It is tough fighting against your employer especially if they are making it even more difficult for you to be compensated. Of course, you can’t just ask them to cover the medical costs and move on. You might be unable to work for days or even weeks. They should cover your compensation for those days. They might also end up firing you for what you are doing now and you can’t find a new job because of the injury you have suffered. Again, it helps if you have quality lawyers to fight against them and make you feel more confident.

Keep your story straight

Some companies might not negotiate at all and would rather bring this to court. Their goal is to disprove your claims and show that it was your fault that you suffered burns. They might come up with stories about how you ended up with such injuries. Therefore, you need to keep your story straight. Even if they throw tricky questions at you, stay focused.

They can only do so much to discredit you. Once you are on the side of the truth, it will surely come out no matter what happens.