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Your Legal Rights as a Borrower

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Throughout life, it’s very common to look for financing to purchase a number of different assets. The most common include cars, homes, and college education. While there are many aspects of a loan that you’ll need to consider, one particular area is your legal rights. You should know what your legal rights are as a borrower of a loan so that you can negotiate accordingly with creditors.

To Know the Details of Your Loan

For every single loan that you take out, you should be provided with a list of specific details about your loan. This is typically given to you on the promissory note. This will include the terms and condition of the loan and the disclosure statements. You can expect to find the following details about your loan:

  • Full Loan Amount
  • Interest Rate
  • Repayment Start Date
  • Minimum Payment Requirements
  • Loan Term Length
  • Default Consequences
  • Ability to Repay the Loan Early

The whole idea of these loan documents is to help you wade through the legal waters to see what you actually need to complete the loan. You’ll be supplied with all these details for all easy installment loans so you can be assured you know how long the loan is for, what you’ll be paying back in interest, and when the loan term will be over.

You Can Cancel a Loan Before Signing the Promissory Note

Applying for a loan can be a long process. While you may have a lot of time invested in the process, it’s important to only settle for loan terms that you want. Just because you applied for a loan with a particular company doesn’t mean you have to accept their terms. You have the right to cancel any loan up until to the point when you sign the promissory note, which is a legally binding note stating that you’ve agreed to the loan terms of repayment.

To See Clear Loan Fees Outlined

When you apply for a loan with any company, they’re going to charge you fees for obtaining that loan. This is because they have time invested in setting up your loan account. These fees are controlled by the federal government and have specific caps that must not be exceeded. It’s your right as a borrower to be able to clearly see the fees of the lender outlined. All types of lenders must share with you the total cost of your loan including the principal and interest for the entire life of your loan. This information is meant to be clearly available for the borrower so they can make an informed decision about agreeing or not agreeing to the loan terms.

To Receive Funding Free of Predatory Lending

Money seems to be one thing that allows us to get out of our level-headed state and agree to unhealthy loan terms that are not good for us in the long run. For this reason, the government works to ensure that predatory lenders are being wiped from the financial market. Predatory lending is where a borrower doesn’t operate in good faith for the potential borrower. An example of this would be requiring unnecessary loan insurance for the borrower to get a kickback from the insurance company. Lenders who have predatory practices are being cracked down on more than ever before. However, it’s still a good idea to keep a clear head when making decisions about loans. Don’t agree to terms that sound outrageous as they most likely area.