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3 Big Italian Citizenship Benefits

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In this globally connected world, you can go virtually anywhere with just the cost of a plane or ship fare. You can become anyone you want to be and if your current country isn’t serving you right, why stay?

If you’ve been itching for a big move and a big change, then why not consider becoming an Italian citizen? Italy is a large and beautiful country with a history and culture like none other. The following is a look at just three big Italian citizenship benefits that could be yours to take advantage of if you’re ready to make the leap and initiate your life change:

3 Big Italian Citizenship Benefits

  1. Access to EU medical benefits. If you currently live in the United States or similar country without a state-sponsored healthcare system, then you already know how expensive, frustrating, and ineffective such a healthcare system is. With Italian citizenship, you automatically become integrated into the EU healthcare system and enjoy a free European Health Insurance Card that gives you access to health care services in Italy and other countries within the EU.
  2. Easier lodging and easier purchasing requirements. Trying to buy land in Italy when you are not a resident is a major bureaucratic nightmare. Yet, if you’re on the path of citizenship, wouldn’t you want to invest in your new homeland? Italy is such a gorgeous country with diverse landscapes and cityscapes that make simply traveling such a pleasure. It has modern urban scopes and yet it also has historical architecture dating back hundreds, sometimes thousands of years that still stands and is still used today. Italy has areas of great mountains and it has beautiful beaches, it has just about any landscape you could hope to reside in and, when you’re a citizen, you can easily travel all of them and purchase the exact property you desire.
  3. Automatic transfer of citizenship to all children under the age of 18. This is a unique benefit to Italian citizenship that isn’t always underscored but should be. If you have children, then why wouldn’t you want them to benefit from the same advantages you’ll have (and more, as children will get to enjoy access to premier schooling and as they grow up, easy access to jobs throughout the EU)? The day you become an Italian citizen is also the day all of your children under the age of 18 get to enjoy their own change to Italian citizenship.

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While these may be three of the biggest Italian citizenship benefits, they are by no means the only ones. Becoming an Italian opens up many exciting doors. Learn more and learn how you can start the process today by contacting our team.