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Guide to Help You Decide If You Must Hire an Accident Attorney Michigan – Or Not

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Everyone in a car accident always feels that they will be victimized by the insurance firms, so they need to hire a lawyer and get things straight. Insurance companies in many cases perform their responsibilities as expected. There are some scenarios, where there will be no need for involving a lawyer. 

Alternatively, there are many other situations when hiring an attorney is the only right thing to do. If you are looking for the best auto accident attorney Michigan then you can contact Elia & Ponto law firm, as they have an excellent track record.

There are some situations when hiring a lawyer is NOT necessary.

  • The damage is done to the car, but no one was inside it.
  • You were inside the car during a collision and were not injured. Before declaring ‘no injuries’ ensure that a doctor will clear you of potential complications. 
  • The damage to a high mileage car having low-book value means a small claim. In such a situation, the math to take help from an attorney is not sensible.
  • When math is tricky and the insurance provider suggests a fair amount according to you, don’t hire an attorney because you will need to give them 1/3rd of your compensation. It is a smart move for settling and moving forward in life. 

Hiring an attorney is WISE if the following situations apply.

  • Someone died during the collision.
  • Broken bones, stay at the hospital, and long-term health problems.
  • Medical treatment expense is more.
  • Loss of work, school or routine activities.
  • The dispute over accident liability.
  • Non-financial losses like loss of companionship, trauma, pain & suffering.
  • Accident in a questionable area or construction zone.
  • Many people got injured in the accident.
  • The insurance provider is mistreating.
  • Details associated with medical, legal or technical are complicated.
  • Paperwork connected with the police report and insurance interactions is not accurate.

The above situations need the person involved to hire a professional personal injury lawyer to represent. 

Accident lawyers specialize in relevant laws and procedures 

An attorney is highly educated and well-aware about the procedural rules and related laws that can impact your case.

  • They are in the best place to advise you of the ‘statutes of limitations’, which can reject your lawsuit filing against the at-fault driver. 
  • They also make you aware that there are special exceptions to the time limitation for the minors. 
  • On your behalf, they can file a lawsuit and are well aware of how to lessen possible defenses the opposite side raises. 
  • Legal action threat is a potent leverage to negotiate a fair settlement, where the role of an advocate is invaluable.

Having a lawyer with experience and legal knowledge levels the arena, especially when the insurance firm has vast resources and practice.

Lawyers do legwork

Personal injury lawsuit trail and insurance settlement negotiation need plenty of work. As you are injured in the car accident, you may be unable to perform this time-consuming and intensive job. Moreover, you are unaware of the INS & OUTS of accident claims, but an accident lawyer has handled a variety of such claims with different insurance providers. 

They know how to get the needed evidence to support your claims like collecting police reports, medical bills & records, witness statements, and information on wage loss. They organize all the evidence and arrange a strong settlement demand letter. If a settlement is not successful, the attorney takes steps to file needed paperwork for a court case and defend for your rights in the court. 

A hired lawyer works committedly for your benefits in the whole claim process!