June 20, 2024

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If you are arrested on criminal charges, it is important that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible. If you face serious charges relating to the sale of narcotics or robbery, you could face a substantial penalty in the form of a sizeable fine or jail time. Although you may be able to avail of a state appointed lawyer, it is best to hire an experienced, private individual.

  • They’ll Have a Significant Impact on the Outcome

You have the option of sticking with your state appointed solicitor or you can opt for a private firm and pay a little extra for their services. The problem with using a state attorney is that they don’t always have background experience in criminal proceedings, so you may end up with a lawyer who has only dealt with cases in the small claims court or family affairs court. An experienced criminal defence lawyer has years of experience in dealing with criminal charges, they’ll have a significant impact on the outcome.

  • An Experienced Lawyer Can Limit Exposure

If you are facing serious charges relating to drugs, you’ll need to appoint a professional firm with knowledge in this specific area of criminal law, there are numerous different sentences that could be handed down from the judge for drug charges, so you want your lawyer to plead for the lowest one. They’ll know how to bargain, and when to take a deal if offered.

  • Background History in Criminal Law

If you are looking for criminal lawyers in Melbourne because you are facing a drug related charges, you must hire a lawyer who has plenty of experiencing dealing with drug related cases. They understand all the proper procedures police must follow to obtain warrants and carry out surveillance, so if the police force has gathered information using unsatisfactory methods, your lawyer will seek to dismiss the case immediately.

  • Public Attorneys Have Limited Resources

Although you may be entitled to public representation, it is better to contact an experienced firm if you are facing serious criminal charges. Some public lawyers are knowledgeable and dedicated, but they lack the resources needed to build a strong case. They often struggle to handle their workloads, and this can affect your proceedings. A private firm won’t encounter issues such as this, they’ll have plenty of resources available to construct a strong defence.

  • Criminal Lawyers Understand Proceedings

An experienced criminal lawyer understands every procedure involved in a criminal case, they know exactly how things work and they can persuade the jury and judge to rule in your favour. Most of the time they’ll have a working relationship with the judge, so they’ll know how they rule in certain circumstances, they can quickly evaluate what you may be facing.

Facing criminal charges is a serious matter which requires assistance from an experienced, professional lawyer. Having a criminal record can affect you in several negative ways such as applying for visas for other countries and submitting resumes for jobs. It is best to try and avoid being given a criminal record.