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Hire a Family Attorney

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Family lawsuits are a sensitive occurring, especially as it involves putting personal matters out in an open court. Hence, to ensure that the process is less disturbing and is sorted out in the most appropriate way, both legally and personally, it is best to hire a Family Attorney. A family attorney is a legal professional trained to handle family legal disputes. Family attorneys are well-versed in laws concerning family issues including:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Guardianship
  • Restraining orders against domestic violence 
  • Name changes
  • Juvenile matters- allegations of child neglect, child abuse or minors’ involvement in illegal activities 
  • Property ownership
  • Documents and paperwork
  • Handling estates and wills
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Courtroom litigations 

Why hire a family lawyer?

Despite the family being a close-knit circle, bonded by love and care, legal complications may arise over several issues, which will become difficult to sort without the advice of a legal professional. A family attorney provides the necessary guidance and support during difficult times, along with making legal procedures easier. Family attorneys are trained in mediation and negotiation and can help sort out family legal problems via out of court settlements or courtroom processes.

  • Out of court settlements: Involves agreeing to certain terms and conditions and subsidies in the presence of a legal representative, in a peaceful and mutual deal, which does not need the involvement of a courtroom case. Most cases of mutual divorces, child custody, will signing can be processed in this way. 
  • A lawsuit involves a proper courtroom preceding, including jury, both parties producing evidence and witness and sometimes, even warranted investigation.

Family attorney not only handles inter-family issues but also protects the family’s rights from external exploitation. Not only during troublesome times but also otherwise, it is advisable to hire a family lawyer to look after your family’s legal matters, including consultations regarding tax filing, passport and visa issues, insurance claims, consumer issues, loans, and bankruptcy, etc.

Attorney William Green is committed to providing his expertise and legal representation for family law issues. With several years of experience in family law in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he has dealt with several family legal issues of different profiles. He possesses the necessary resources and skills to help families settle their legal dispute and reach a favorable and mutual agreement. 

Attorney William Green, an experienced family attorney, aims to put his years of practice to good use by offering free consultations in his Wisconsin office. 

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