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How to Find Tech Solicitors in the United Kingdom

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The UK has solicitors for all types of law, just as the United States has lawyers that specialize in various laws. These specialties can be in anything from divorce and family law to solicitors who specialize in laws surrounding technology. There are hundreds of various fields that a solicitor can have a law specialty in so for a tech problem it is probably best to find one working in the law surrounding technology.

Solicitors in tech fields

UK solicitors in tech law specialize in working for early stage companies as well as startups and the major asset of these companies is their technology. Their priority is to protect rights for technology businesses by allowing them to realize the maximum value from their technology assets. 

Tech solicitors

Tech solicitors will advise the clients on general commercial and contractual matters while at the same time they will also advise them on corporation transaction such as:

  • Restructuring
  • Investments
  • Trade sale or listing

In a fast-moving sector, you probably need a solicitor who has a good understanding of your tech business and who is able to co-ordinate any approach you have with the legal issues.

Look upon the web

There are several websites where you can enter the type of law that you are looking for a solicitor from and this website will provide you with a list of those practicing technology law. One of the better ones is but there are also several others that are equally as good.

UK/United States

It is advisable both in the United States or the United Kingdom to find attorneys who practice law in a field that will be most beneficial to you. If it is a problem in the tech field, your attorney or solicitor should have a practice and have expert knowledge in this field.