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Qualities of a Court Reporter

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Have you ever thought of becoming a court reporter? Are you thinking of hiring a court reporter? 

No matter what it is that you want, if it is related to the field of court reporting, you need to know about the qualities that a court reporter possesses or needs to possess.

Of course, we are living in the era of technological progress and we can easily record the video of the entire hearing happening in the court, yet, this has not affected the presence of the court reporter. Such a professional person is still needed in the court.

A court reporter is a professional individual with quite a lt of qualities that are needed to participate actively during the legal proceedings. Following is the list of the top qualities that a court reporter needs to have:

  • He is quite a loyal person, since he is not supposed to manipulate or change anything that he hears in the court. His job is to write exactly what he hears, without his own opinion added to the things.
  • He has amazing listening skills. That’s the reason he is a court reporter. He is someone who has to listen to each and every single thing happening during the court proceeding and then make a report of it.
  • He is a punctual person, since he is expected to be at the court before the hearing begins and also submit the reports in time. He needs to be sure he reaches the court before the hearing begins because he cannot afford to lose even a single detail during the proceeding. Also, he is someone who is expected to submit the reports in time and thus, he has to be extremely committed to time.
  • He is a determined person and extremely dedicated towards his work.