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Separating Paths by Divorces with the help of Nottingham Mediation

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Spouses couple signing decree papers getting divorced in lawyers office

Divorces refer to the legal termination of a legally bound relationship between two people pronounced as man and wife. Along with separation, it is followed by the dissolution of all the assets held together. Different countries have different laws regarding the legal proceedings of a divorce. This can be classified into divorces and divorce settlements. Mediation Nottingham is one of the firms providing divorce settlements ways. 

With the myriad nature of a relationship, divorces are of different types, classified into the following:

  • A Contested Divorce is an expensive legal separation process. Where in court, the issues are required to be heard by the trial judge. No control over the issues of assets and child custody.
  • Fault-based Divorces – Where one spouse is at fault for the divorce, fault-based divorces are trialed. More legal preference to the spouse who was tortured in terms of assets and child custody.
  • Summary or Simple Divorce – This kind of divorce is preferred when the marriage was a shorter one (less than five years) and there are no children or assets to be held under the jurisdiction.

People often look for alternative solutions to divorces. This is to ensure less inconvenience of going to a court.  Other factors which can be accounted for the same:


  • Don’t want to spend extravagant money on lawyers and trial proceedings.
  • Don’t want a long drawn process of the court.
  • Wants to settle a marriage outside court.
  • Desires an open communication to talk things out or come to an agreement about assets other legal bound matters. Mediation Nottingham being one of the firms to help couples achieve the same.


This can be done via the method of the divorce settlement. In divorce settlements, a couple mutually agrees to not go to court for the dissolution of a marriage.

An Alternative method of Mediation

Mediation is an alternative method of going to court to end a marriage. The settlement becomes more appealing without the non-controlled measures of a court. The process of mediation involves a third party known as a divorce mediator. A divorce mediator helps to conclude to a less harsh conclusion. Many times, with the help of mediation, the couples are able to work things out and not seek divorce as well.

Ending a marriage is never easy. To ensure that one is taking the right approach to dissolve the marriage is imperative.