June 19, 2024

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Small businesses and many hard-working individuals sadly find themselves at a loss when clients and customers do not pay for the goods and services that they provided. These cases are very common and they are referred to as a breach of contract. litigation solicitors London can help clients bring these cases to justice in the small claims court, but only if businesses can act quickly.

There are the different ways how solicitors London based experts can help you deal with a breach of contract:

Determining If There Was A Breach Of Contract

The legalities involved during a breach of contract can be hard to determine when you lack the proper knowledge of the law. The client or customer who breached the contract can easily manipulate the situation and turn it against your small business. In order to prove to the court that there was a breach, the plaintiff must be able to produce proof of a contract.

In cases where only a verbal contract was made, it can be extra difficult to prove in court, but litigation solicitors London has the experience and means to help make your case for you.

Helping To Determine The Remedies

As the plaintiff, monetary damages is usually the solution for the breach. However, there can be other ways to remedy or to pay for the losses when the offending party does not have the monetary means to pay. It is up to the hardworking solicitors London to come up with options that are acceptable to the plaintiff and can be met by the offending party. This is only possible when a legal expert is involved as there may be a need to draft a contract for the agreement.

No matter what type of breach has happened, your solicitor will inform you of the different remedies available to you. These are some that may be suggested during an arbitration:

Compensatory Damages – is paid to the business as a reimbursement for the costs as a way to compensate for any losses.

Attorney’s Fees – These fees will be covered by the defendant if stated on the contract.

Punitive Damages – An amount awarded as retribution for any offensive actions committed by the defendant.

Rescission – The amount in question is returned, the contract is canceled, and the case is dropped like it never occurred.

Reformation is achieved as soon as a contract is re-written in a way that will suit the actual intention that was not clearly stated in the previous contract.

It is best to expect any of these remedies when speaking to a solicitor about handling a breach in contract.

Breach Of Contract Defence

As a small business, there is also a good chance that you will be sued for breaching a contract yourself. A client may be unsatisfied with your performance or services and claim that there was a breach in your agreement. During these instances, it is best to have legal assistance to deal with the case. When there is a solicitor defending your small business, you don’t have to worry about losing more money because of an unjust customer.

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