July 12, 2024

Nobody imagines being in an accident because thousands of people have lost their lives or got severe injuries in road accidents. A hit-and-run accident is considered the most distressing automobile accidents, especially for whom have been left behind in an injured state by the other vehicle driver to avoid its consequences. Usually, the victim gets overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts that what to do subsequently.

In this situation, you should stay calm and if your family members and children were with you in the car, try to make them calm as well. Halifax law firms have fought for many Hit-And-Run Car Accident cases and never lost a case.  Some of the tips are elaborated further which can be applied during the circumstances.

  • Inform The Police

You should stay nearby the site of the collision and in a secure place. The injured party of the hit-and-run accident has a legal responsibility to stay on the scene. Beside it, you must contact the police whether you and your passengers are injured or not. All accidents necessitate to be reported. During you wait for the police to get there, try to collect as much relevant information as you can on your side, including:

  • the license plate of the other car
  • a narrative of the driver and/or passengers
  • the track the other driver was headed in
  • the model, make and color of the other vehicle
  • the exact time and scene of the accident
  • contact information of witnesses
  • Pictures of the scene and harm to your car

Keeping the above mentioned information can help a lot the police in verification.

  • Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company as soon as possible because their own team might be sent by them to investigate the site of the accident and collect detail if it seems a severe one. Moreover, you may have limited time period to file a claim for reimbursement.

Nova Scotia’s native can take advantage of the Insurance Act that helps victims injured by uninsured and anonymous drivers. They may handle the towing of your vehicle and even provide you with a rental but it depends on the type of insurance that you have.

  • Meet With A Car Accident Lawyer

The Halifax law firms has experienced attorneys with hit-and-run cases and help the victims in getting their deserving compensation for all injuries and damages incurred. Contact them today and they’ll assist you in your case.