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The Different Types of Lawyer that You Can Hire in New Jersey 

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Do you have any court cases in New Jersey? If yes, you should consider 

hiring a lawyer. However, you need to understand the type of lawyer that 

you can hire for your situation. 

In this article, we will mention a few types of lawyers that you can hire in 

New Jersey. 

  • Civil Rights Lawyer 

There are law firms that specialize in civil rights in New Jersey. Such 

law firms have lawyers that protect their clients (individuals or groups) 

from every form of discrimination and other civil rights violations either 

through settlement negotiations or lawsuits. These lawyers can handle 

issues related to freedom of speech, religion, work-related 

discrimination, etc. 

  • Contract Lawyer 

This type of attorney focuses on helping you get the right contracts for 

your business. They are in charge of getting templates to draft 

contracts. They specialize in a business contract and follow all 

provisions for a contract when they are drafting templates for 


  • Employment Lawyer 

As the name suggests, you need an employment lawyer for cases that 

are related to employment. An employment lawyer will safeguard you 

against every safety standard that concerns both employees and 

employers. They protect an employee against undue termination, 

sexual harassment, and discrimination at the workplace. They can also 

educate employers and business management against any sort of 


  • Tax Lawyer 

A tax lawyer can help you with issues associated with audit 

representation, tax resolution, corporate tax preparation, and state tax 

help. An experienced tax lawyer can assist an individual or group when 

dealing with tax-related cases. Besides, they defend any legal action 

taken against your business by the tax authority. 

  • Real Estate Lawyer 

This type of lawyer deal with preparation and reviewing of documents 

that are related to real estate such as purchase agreements, mortgage 

documents, escrow, etc. Their specialty is in the acquisition of 

properties through the legal process. 

  • Intellectual Property Lawyer 

This is an attorney who specializes in intellectual property and takes 

care of every issue related to patents, copyrights, and trademarks. 

What’s more, this lawyer also protects your business against the 

violation of intellectual property laws. 

  • Immigration Lawyer 

You need an immigration lawyer when you have immigration issues. 

They have experience in dealing with immigration issues such as 

citizenship, visas, green cards, etc. 

  • Criminal Lawyer 

This kind of lawyer deals specifically with crimes. You can hire them 

when you are charged with a crime. They have vast experience in 

criminal issues such as bail, arrest, arraignment, pleas, etc. One of the 

best Freehold criminal attorney firms in New Jersey is the Law Offices 

of Jonathan F. Marshall. 

  • Family Lawyer 

The service of a family lawyer is needed for cases such as engagement 

in divorce proceedings, a battle for child custody, prenuptial 

agreement, and spousal support battle. A family lawyer will guide you 

through the process and make the whole experience seamless and fast. 

  • Environmental Lawyer 

You need an environmental lawyer for legal issues related to water law, 

clean technology, climate change law, native entitlement to the 

management of land, etc. 

In conclusion, New Jersey is equipped with several lawyers that can 

handle a wide range of legal issues. So, consider your particular situation 

before contacting any one of them.