July 19, 2024

Many of us may not be lucky to avoid serious accidents and long term disability suffering occurred from the accidents. However, in this case, if you are unable to continue work for full time, a long term disability insurance policy will provide income continuity in the event of serious illness or serious injury.

Unfortunately, even when you are covered by a long term disability insurance, it is sometimes difficult to actually obtain the claims of the policy as the process is quite complex and confusing to the common man.  In case, if your claim is denied, an experienced long term disability insurance lawyer can assist to provide you the benefits of the policy. However, to choose the lawyer who is right for your case is not an easy task.  

Consider following tips when you choose a lawyer for your long term disability claims:

  1.    The long term disability lawyer must be an expert and experienced:

Ensure that lawyer you choose must be an expert and experienced in handling the long term disability cases. He must have the proven track record of the same.

The process of obtaining the benefits of claims is complex and tedious and only the giant market leaders hold maximum market share in the disability insurance area. So, definitely, to handle such companies, you need an experienced lawyer.

  1.    Is the law firm really handling your case or outsourcing your case to the third party and collecting the mediator fees?

There are a handful of chances, that the lawyer you hired may not handle your case by himself or herself. He or she may outsource your case to another law firm because of many reasons like lack of interest or lack of knowledge or experience. In such cases, you should be careful as you may not know the track record of the third party.

  1. Does your long term disability lawyer charging you right from the beginning or does he works on the “No Fees Unless We Win” policy?

In case of serious injury, a person is already under a lot of physical, mental and financial distress. A good long term disability lawyer will always keep you away from the legal stress and usually work on “No Fees Unless We Win” policy.

In this policy, fees are calculated on the percentage basis of the total amount received. Such policy also ensures that the lawyer will take up your case only when he believes that he will win. Also, it gives a synergic effect to both the parties to recover the maximum amount.

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