June 23, 2024

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Are you an aspiring layer or just someone who is interested in court cases? If so, there are tons of great legal blogs to follow on the Internet and many of them are maintained by actual layers. Thanks to how easy the web hosting industry has made it to start a website, the number of blogs has increased dramatically.

However, as the amount increases, it becomes apparent that not all blogs are equal. Thus, it becomes much harder to find the best ones to follow. Here are some of the top legal blogs to follow.

The Algorithmic Society

The Algorithmic Society is a blog run by Ken Grady, who is a professor at Michigan State University. This blog examines law practices and law theories and how they affect modern lawyers. What makes this different from other legal blogs is the focus on the processes. As you might imagine, a college professor has a lot to say on not only how something is done, but why something is done.

This blog perfectly reflects that and is a must read for legal enthusiasts everywhere.

Arbitration Nation

Are you interested in the art of arbitration dealings? If so, then the Arbitration Nation is the blog to follow. Just in case, you’re not sure what arbitration is exactly, it’s those backdoor dealings between lawyers and clients that are legally binding. So, if you decide to settle out of court, it is through an arbitration.

This blog is perfect for both beginners and experts to enjoy.

Empirical SCOTUS

Do normal court cases just not do it for you anymore? Why not try supreme court cases? Empirical SCOTUS analyzes all of the current supreme court cases.  The supreme court is the highest level of court in the United States legal system. The rulings made here set precedents for the rest of the courts in the country. Thus, knowing their outcomes is extremely important.

The Empirical SCOTUS is the best blog available for detailed analysis for every supreme court case.

Employment & Labor Insider

Are you curious about labor law cases, decisions, and compensation? If so, look no further than the Employment & Labor Insider blog. The blog is run by Robin Shea who has 30 years of experience in labor litigation. This blog covers everything from equal pay cases to minimum raise increases across the nation.

Employment & Labor Insider is the perfect blog for aspiring labor lawyers, as well as a good source of information for anyone in the workforce.

Before the Bar

The Bar exam in notoriously hard to pass and it often takes multiple attempts for aspiring lawyers to pass. Preparing to take the Bar exam involves years of preparation and the Before the Bar blog can help you pass. If you are a law student, odds are you are already beginning to prepare for the exam, and this blog can help you reach your goal. It has the latest tips on Bar exam prep, career choices and just general law news.

If you are still in law school, following this blog is a no brainer.

Excess of Democracy

Have you ever questioned the shortcomings of our Democracy? If so, you are not alone. The Excess of Democracy analyzes that point because no two democracies are the same. Each government has a different way of doing things and legal interpretations vary. This blog analyzes these differences in democracy and tries to determine what the “right” democracy is.

A Blog for Everyone

Thanks to how easy web hosting companies have made it to get started, blogs are everywhere and cover every topic you can think. Not only do they cover those topics, but every topic you can’t think of exists as well. The end result is easy to understand, there is a blog for everyone, the hard part is finding it. Legal blogs are no different and the number of topics possible is scary, but once you find a blog you like, its all worth it.