July 12, 2024

Everyone has seen those ads on TV telling you to call a Michigan Auto Accident Lawyer when you have been in an accident and been injured. You also should not wait as you could lose your right to sue. These ads don’t tell you specifically what the circumstances before you call as attorney or how much time you have.

Laws in Michigan

In Michigan you must meet three things to be able to get compensation. The injured person must not be at fault in the accident. Second, the person must have an injury that is obvious and shows up on a medical diagnostic test and the injury must cause serious impairment.

Obvious when to hire an attorney

It is obvious when you need an attorney’s assistance and when you don’t:

  • Must be clarity of liability – the other driver is at fault and admits it;
  • Injuries are minor with medical expenses that are low;
  • No extenuating circumstances needing investigation

It would be prudent to at least seek advice from Michigan Auto Accident Attorney when:

  • Liability is not clear or is shared;
  • You have no idea how to evaluate your claim;
  • You are asked to deliver medical records preceding accident;
  • You have been made an proposal and you believe your claim is worth more;
  • A structured settlement is offered instead of a lump sum payment;
  • You aren’t confident in your ability to negotiate a settlement for yourself;
  • You have a claim of lost wages that is hard to prove.

It is imperative you consult an accident attorney when:

  • There are extenuating circumstances that make your claim more valuable and you don’t know how to prove your loss;
  • The insurance has denied your claim and you believe they are incorrect in that denial;
  • Insurance company’s settlement offer is much too low;
  • You are seriously injured causing significant medical bills with or without lingering disability;
  • You have a moderate injury with lingering disability and will sustain medical bills in the future;
  • The party who is injured is a considered a minor having a lot more than slight injuries;
  • Liability is not uncertain and you are certain you are not accountable;
  • It has been over 12 months since the accident, and you are not nowhere close to having a settling your claim and you also don’t know when time will run out on you;
  • Circumstances surrounding this accident are complex and might require expert investigation.
  • The other party to this accident has served you with a lawsuit.

If yours is not a clear-cut case, you need to consult with an attorney prior to speaking to an insurance adjuster. This will save you making accounts to the adjuster that might damaging your claim, and these statements that you might later regret.

When in doubt call an attorney.