October 5, 2023

Bail bonds are nothing more than financial incentives to make sure that someone accused and charged of any crime comes back to the court voluntarily to face trial and judgment. The amount set for the bail will depend on the seriousness of the crime. Often it becomes impossible for people to arrange for the whole amount; this is where bail bonds agencies like Signature bail bonds Tulsa comes in.

Convenient payment plans

Most of the time the payments are done in cash at the time the defendant is released from jail. If it is not possible to pay the full amount at a time the agents can work out an easy installment payment plan over time. The defendant has an opportunity to opt for a payment plan that is affordable. It may be a low-down payment with easy installments or if the individual doesn’t have any cash on hand then interest free bail bond financing can be opted for.

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Interest free financing

It is the constitutional right of every individual to have the right of bail. Signature bail bonds Tulsa and other bail bonds agencies are committed to provide this opportunity to everyone in need, even those who cannot pay up front. Many agencies are providing bail bond financing. They provide financing as a loan which later must be paid along with interest. Some agencies may consider this to be difficult solution for people who are already facing a hard time. To facilitate people and to give convenient solution, these agencies may provide interest free financing. Only the original amount of premium must be paid and no extra amount in the name of interest will be charged.

Bail reduction

Sometimes the bail can be set at a high amount. The lawyer of the defendant can ask for a bail reduction. If the bail reduction is not given, then the bail bond agency can use its own risk assessment to reduce the bail. Bail agents can be contacted to ask for further details to aid in this regard.