June 19, 2024

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Divorce cases are often times murky and a headache to navigate. Divorcing couples are faced with many painful decisions with child custody being one of the most hotly contested decisions during proceedings.

Matters come to a standstill when courts give custody to one parent with the aggrieved partner limited to a few visitations (and mostly under suffocating conditions).

What you should know is that it’s possible to secure access to your kids regardless of what your ex thinks with proper planning.

Here are some tips:

  • Consult Your Attorney

 An attorney who has experience resolving child custody cases will surely help to press your case in the courts and in ensuring fair and timely proceedings.

Areputable attorney will offer counsel on how to conduct yourself during hearings so as to make the decision favorable.

If your ex has abducted the kids, the lawyer proactively negotiates to secure a voluntary, safe, and immediate return of your loved ones.

To help the lawyer to get a water-tight case, stick to facts of the case only when explaining your position.

  • Familiarize Yourself with The Law

Becoming familiar with the children conventions and the relevant children’s act is crucial since some parents mess up their cases by unknowingly violating some of the most basic requirements.

It’s advantageous to participate actively by researching as much as you can, following the recommendations of your lawyer, and perfectly preparing for your hearings.

Again, each state has differing child custody laws so knowing the law will help you avoid basing your case on the wrong arguments.

And if you are having difficulties interpreting the state regulations, just talk to an attorney experienced in the local legislation.

For example, if you’re suing for Child Custody in PA, look for a Pennsylvanian lawyer.

  • Be Good

The jury is likely to consider your case if you are positive and have maintained a cohesive relationship with the kids, despite the differences with your partner.

Sendingthempictures, emails, letters, and some money is one way.

Also, if possible, call your loved ones and try to video chat regularly.

And in the courtroom, be courteous and respectful all through since the judge may conclude that you are a risk if you vent your frustrations and anger.

In short, do anything within your powersto help strengthen the relationship between you and the children.

  • Observe Deadlines

Stick to deadlines and all other important dates related to the case.

This is crucial especially since many of the procedures, for example, the filing of case papers will need follow-up activities usually within a specifiedperiod, say, 30 days.

In addition, be organized and follow the dates and timings specified by all involved including your attorney.

That way, you will stay on top of the case.

Final Thoughts

While not easy, winning child custody cases can be easy with proper preparation and acting smart throughout the court proceeding.

Among others, hiring a veteran lawyer on children custody cases can help persuade the jury.

Also, since the judges put children interests first, having a great bond with the children also pays.

You should also study all the relevant laws and observe all deadlines.

After all, it’s better to lose trying rather than leaving your partner to add to your pain.